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Corpus Christi’s Best Garden Stores

Corpus Christi Garden Supplies

Spring is a lovely time to re-think that backyard garden patch.

Have you considered planting a vegetable garden, but you just don’t know where to start? The idea of starting a garden from scratch can seem like a daunting task. Take it one step at a time and figure out what materials you need and where to get them.

These three gardening stores in Corpus Christi carry all the necessary materials to get you started with your vegetable garden.

Gill Landscape Nursery

Gill Landscape Nursery has 2 locations in Corpus Christi – one just north of 358 on Alameda Street, and one south of 358 on Airline Road. Sally Munroe and James Gill, a local couple with a flair for commercial and residential landscaping, established the first location on Airline Road in 1979. They opened the second location on Alameda Street in 1987.

Both locations offer a variety of gardening supplies, knowledgeable staff, ponds, water fountains, and even a playground at the Airline Road store. Every Saturday morning they offer garden talks from 10 to 11 am – check their website for specific topics. And their website serves up a large amount of helpful content – regular blog posts with local gardening tips, garden guides, monthly to-do’s, and weekly specials.

Turner’s Gardenland

Turner’s sits on South Padre Island Drive, between Woodlawn Drive and Daly Drive. It was originally started in 1947 by Mrs. Lee Turner, along with her husband, E.A. Turner, as an orchid growing business in nearby Premont, Texas. It has since grown into a full-service nursery, florist, and gift shop.

Not only do they offer the standard fare of plants, flowers, fertilizer, and pesticide, they also carry many different types of plants and trees, water fountains, and gardens, pond plants, and bird baths. Also available are stunning floral arrangements from their flower shop, and gardening tips on their website.

Bay Area Landscape Nursery

Bay Area Landscape Nursery is on South Staples Street, between Woolridge Road and Burnham Drive. It was originally founded by Trent and Esther Hoffman, after several successful business ventures in lawn maintenance, landscaping, and irrigation services. They established their 4-acre garden center in 2014, after quickly outgrowing their original location in 2013.

They carry a broad spectrum of plants, trees, gardening accessories, holiday items, bulk rock selections, furniture, and pottery. Their website offers weekly planting tips and a vegetable planting calendar, and every Saturday at 11 the nursery offers gardening centers called “Thyme in the Garden,” complete with refreshments and door prizes.

If you prefer a larger store with multiple locations, Home Depot & Lowe’s both carry all the materials necessary for a successful vegetable garden. These big top stores may not always have the best prices, so be sure to check around elsewhere, too.

Home Depot (various locations) – Home Depot has 3 locations in the greater Corpus Christi area.

Lowe’s (various locations) – Lowe’s has 3 locations in the greater Corpus Christi area.

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