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How to Handle Scary Scorpions

Dealing with the creepiest pests in Texas

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding scorpionsYou can’t tell by looking, but scorpions are close cousins of spiders and ticks. Lineage and scientific names don’t matter when they crawl up the bedroom wall, though. Of all the pests that sneak into the house, scorpions may well be the scariest. But do they really deserve so much fear and loathing?

Strange Scorpion Facts

It’s hard to not be afraid of something that can survive a nuclear blast, and scorpions share that dubious honor with cockroaches. Those long-tailed creatures hiding in the attic glow in the dark when you hit them with a UV light. Their elaborate mating ritual involves locking claws and dancing. In fact, they keep up the courtship for more than 24 hours! Have a little sympathy for gentlemen scorpions: The ladies often finish the mating game by eating their partners.

Wood-Loving Pests

Texas is home to 18 species, but only striped bark scorpions bother folks here in Bryan-College Station. These scary characters are creatures of the night, and they forage around dead vegetation, wood piles and your home’s foundation. They’re very good at climbing trees and running along branches that brush up against home exteriors, which are all the skills they need to access the attic, where they like to nest in the insulation and wood work.

Your Best Defense

You don’t have to chop down the trees around the house, but trimming branches away from exterior walls cuts off scorpions’ easy entry. They also like sneaking in through weep holes in stone and brick homes, so cover these openings with fine screen wire. Keep trash cans elevated off the ground, and don’t stack firewood next to the house. You can discourage scorpions with aromatic oils like clove and peppermint, but a bad infestation needs the attention of professional pest control services.

Scorpions won’t ever make it on the list of favorite backyard creatures, but you have to admire their endurance. If you need help with these creepy crawlers, contact us here at ABC Home & Commercial Services in Bryan and College Station. We have great tips for handling all kinds of pests, and we’re always happy to share our best ideas.

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