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How to Protect Your Paper Goods from Cockroaches

Living in the gorgeous San Antonio area can be exciting and fulfilling with so many wonderful opportunities for entertainment, recreation and adventure. While fun backyard parties, long days by the pool and bird watching might be on the agenda, living in the River City can also come with a few simple challenges. With incessantly hot summers and mild winters, the humid subtropical climate of Texas can be conducive to the proliferation of a variety of common household pests. When it comes to stubborn pests, cockroaches make it to the top of the list. With a remarkable ability to thrive even in the harshest of environments, it’s not surprising that these insects can do very well within the comfortable confines of our homes.

Cockroaches Can Eat Just About Anything

Cockroaches are highly evasive and love to inhabit the damp, dark and neglected areas of buildings, such as basements and attics. Although these insects prefer certain kinds of food, they will eat almost anything that’s available in order to survive. The nocturnal pests are drawn towards paper and cardboard, thus posing a significant threat to your collection of books, paper goods, boxes and other valuable items. How exactly can you keep your precious paper items from the wrath of these voracious pests? A few simple tips and guidelines can deter the pests and spare you from expensive and irrecoverable damages.

Reduce Clutter and Organize

As much as we hate clutter and debris, cockroaches love them. The reclusive pests are drawn towards piles of magazines, books and newspapers, as they provide convenient places to hide and nest. Get rid of unwanted belongings and organize.

Practice Good Housekeeping Skills

Vacuum frequently, and keep your floors and furniture free of food crumbs and spills. Do not leave food outside overnight, and discard any leftover pet food. Keep your garbage tightly sealed.

Seal Cracks, Crevices and Pipes

Leaky faucets, tiny holes in the walls and cracks under the floorboards are all convenient entry points for cockroaches. Inspect your home thoroughly, and seal every opening with metal, cement or steel wool.

Keep Your Paper Goods and Valuables Protected by Taking Prompt Action

Enforcing effective preventive measures can help you keep your property free of pests all through the year. However, sometimes cockroaches can enter even the most challenging of spaces and infest rapidly, thus posing a significant risk to your health and belongings. If you suspect a potential cockroach infestation and need the services of a pest control specialist in San Antonio, ABC Home & Commercial Services can help. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a free estimate.

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