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- Christopher M., February 2020
How quickly can you come to my home?

We understand that some pest problems can’t wait. That’s why we can provide you with estimates for some mosquito, spider, scorpion and ant control services over the phone, based on the size of the area that needs to be treated.

For infestations that require a more customized approach, we make every attempt to get a trained inspector onto your property at the first available opportunity. Once you give us a call at (210) 599-9500, we’ll schedule a time for one of our pros to meet you at your home to conduct a preliminary inspection and provide you with a free estimate with treatment options.

The goals of this first visit are to:

  • Determine the severity and extent of your infestation

  • Identify potential entry points and what type of pest you are dealing with, if needed

  • Answer any questions you might have

  • Gather any other information that might be needed to recommend a course of action

We will then deliver a no-obligation, free estimate for you to review. Once you’ve approved our estimate, we can schedule the first service call.

What pest control services do you offer?

ABC routinely helps San Antonio homeowners handle any type of pest problems they might encounter. Our technicians provide effective:

Pest Control San Antonio

Roach Control

In addition to the feeling of disgust that can overwhelm us when we spot a cockroach scurrying across our floor, many of us also realize that when we see one roach, there are probably many more lurking in the shadows. Roaches can transmit disease-causing bacteria and carry allergens, and research has suggested that these pests could survive a nuclear explosion, making it very difficult for homeowners to completely eliminate them on their own. ABC’s pros can help find where your roaches are hiding and provide you with effective and practical ways to keep them out of your home.

Mosquito Control San Antonio

Mosquito Control

Unfortunately, San Antonio has the perfect climate for mosquitoes, most of the year: warm and humid. Not only do these pesky pests leave us with itchy, irritating welts when we get bitten, but also these creatures can spread diseases to our loved ones, including the West Nile Virus. ABC’s experienced mosquito control technicians can provide you with practical treatment options to safeguard your household from these all-too-common bloodsucking insects.

Bed Bug Treatment San Antonio

Bed Bug Treatment

Due to our increased travel patterns, bed bugs are now a major public health concern. Regarded as the most difficult pest to control, these tiny pests cause skin irritation, disrupted sleep and anxiety for those whose homes have been infested. Thankfully, ABC’s bed bug treatments are highly effective at killing both live bed bugs and their eggs, so you can stop the problem before it gets worse.

Termite Control San Antonio

Termite Control

Termites are the pest which poses the biggest risk to our biggest investment: our homes. These pests attack your foundation through underground tunnels, so we often don’t know we have a problem until a significant amount of damage has already been done. After ABC’s technicians identify the source of your problem and the type of species involved, we can recommend a treatment plan that’s customized for your situation.

Rodent Control San Antonio

Wildlife & Rodent Control

The bigger the pest, the more significant the impact on your home and belongings. Rats and mice and other creatures, including raccoons, opossums, birds and more, can enter our attics, crawl spaces and other areas for the same reason other pests do: for food, water, and shelter. Once inside, these animals can chew on electronics, contaminate our food and make a mess. ABC’s specialists can remove these pests and seal possible entry points so these uninvited guests won’t return.

Ant Removal San Antonio

Fire Ant Control

Ants can become a problem inside your home, as well as outdoors, particularly in the case of fire ants. Homeowners can have multiple species on their property at one time, and it may take different approaches to manage the different types. ABC’s pros will identify the ants which are causing you headaches and suggest practical ways to handle the problem.

San Antonio Pest Control

Flea & Tick Control

Flea and tick infestations can be difficult to control because the effectiveness of treatments can vary, depending on what stage of life each pest is in. Since ticks can transmit serious diseases, including Lyme disease, you’ll want to pay attention to the presence of this animal in your home. While flea bites may only prove to be a minor annoyance to the human members of our household, our pets can suffer from skin irritation, tapeworms and in rare cases, flea bite anemia. ABC’s pest professionals can provide you with a set of recommended next steps to protect all the members of your household against these pests.

Pest Control Houston TX

Spider & Scorpion Control

Central Texas is home to three spider and scorpion species of concern to homeowners: black widows, brown recluse spiders, and striped bark scorpions. When we are rummaging through items in our attic, closets and other storage areas, we may unknowingly disturb these animals, which can lead to an unwelcome bite or sting, sometimes with serious health consequences. ABC’s experienced technicians can help you avoid these encounters with proven techniques.

Do you offer free estimates?

Every pest problem is unique, so ABC takes a customized approach to pest control, starting with our free, no-obligation estimate. When you contact us about the problem you are having, we schedule a time that works best for you to have an inspector come to your property.

At this visit, your ABC inspector will:

  • Ask you more about your pest problem

  • Conduct a preliminary inspection to determine the severity and source of your infestation

  • Identify the type of pest you are seeing, if necessary

  • Answer any questions you might have

After our inspector has gathered all the information needed to generate an estimate, you will receive a set of recommended next steps. Once you have approved the estimate, the first service call can be scheduled.

What does pest control service look like at my home?

What process does ABC follow to control pests?

ABC applies integrated pest management principles to help homeowners get long-term results. After we identify the source of your pest problem, we can implement a treatment plan, based on the specific pest you are dealing with and the extent of your problem. First, our technicians will treat your home to address live populations of the particular pest that is the source of your problem. Then, we will target nesting sites to make sure our efforts also kill any eggs on your property. Finally, we will seal entry points which allowed these pests inside your home or yard to help prevent them from coming back.

Can you protect my home year-round?

For every pest, there is a season, and that’s why ABC offers year-round pest control services. With ABC’s all season pest control program, homeowners get regular service to help manage the four pests which are most common in Central Texas: roaches, spiders, scorpions and ants.

Do I have to be home during a service call?

We understand that it can be hard to take off work, and that’s why ABC offers convenient, outside-only pest control services. This allows our technicians to protect your home from all crawling pests while you are away at work.

How does ABC handle honey bees?

ABC does not kill or remove honey bees. We know the value honey bees bring to the environment and we go out of our way not to negatively impact bee colonies. If you believe you have honey bees in your home or yard, we're glad to provide you with the names and numbers of local bee keepers who can be of assistance in the removal and relocation of the hive.

Why should I choose ABC for pest control?

San Antonio homeowners choose ABC for pest control for many reasons. First of all, we conduct thorough background checks and drug testing on all our employees so you can feel safe with one of our technicians on your property. We send only highly trained specialists to your home with the appropriate licenses (TPCL2170). Last, but certainly not least, ABC treats your home as we would our own.

What outlying communities does ABC service?


You can expect the same high-quality pest control from ABC in San Antonio as in the outlying areas, including in: