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Big 4 Pests

What happens during the free inspection?

We will send a licensed Inspector to your home and they'll perform a free inspection to determine your pest control needs. The inspector will discuss pest treatment options, answer all questions you may have and provide you with a written quote for services.

Are the products you use friendly for pets and children?

At ABC, we take an IPM (integrated pest management) approach to pest treatment, and the products we use are chosen according to that low-impact thought process.

IPM is a practice which says that treating a home for pests means looking at the home holistically.  It means that suggestions about sanitation in the home or how & where you store pet food may be increasing the likelihood of drawing in pests.  In other words, before we treat the home with pest control products, there may also be some common sense suggestions we can make and that will greatly reduce the number of crawling pests in the home.  

Now, that doesn't mean we don't use very effective, very high-quality products, it just means we use all the tools at our disposal to solve your pest problems.

How often do you service my house?

In general, most pest control visits are every other month.  Depending on your particular preferences and the type of pests you may have, that schedule is customizable.  

What types of pests do you treat?

At ABC, our pest control specialists have experience treating a variety of pests, including San Antonio’s most notorious pests. We’ll inspect your home at your convenience and provide you with a personalized treatment plan to take care of your pest issue. If you have a pest problem, we have a solution.


The San Antonio area is home to several types of cockroaches.What might start out as a few cockroaches in your kitchen could turn into a large problem in a short period of time. ABC will inspect the interior and exterior of your home for conditions that may be contributing to your cockroach problems. We’ll help identify and fix these issues, as well as provide a treatment plan to eliminate the current population and help further protect your home.

Bees & Wasps

Wasps, bees, and other flying insects can be serious concerns for homeowners. Their stings can be dangerous and quite painful, and it can be very easy to surprise and anger these insects if you come across a nest by accident! Wasp and flying insect nest removal can be dangerous, so it’s important to seek professional help when dealing with an infestation. ABC recommendeds having these types of stinging pests identified quickly and removed safely by a professional beekeeper to avoid harming the nests. ABC can recommend area beekeepers as needed.


Ants have rapidly become one of the most common pest problems in American homes. There are several different species of ants that make their home in the San Antonio area, and some of these can be dangerous to humans as well as pets. Whether they live indoors or outside on your property, if you have an ant problem, you’ll want some help! ABC licensed pest specialists will inspect your property and identify the species of ants that are causing your issues. Because ants can reproduce quickly and can be difficult to treat, it’s important to treat properly and without delay.

Spiders & Scorpions

Spiders and scorpions are a nuisance to homeowners in the San Antonio area, and they can also be dangerous. The bark scorpion, black widow spider and brown recluse are visitors that you definitely don’t want in your home. Our highly trained pest control specialists have years of experience treating for spiders and scorpions, so give us a call if you have unwanted arachnids in your home or on your property.

Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and Ticks are not only annoying—they can also be hazardous to your health. Additionally, fleas are immune to the effects of insecticides during certain times of their life cycle, so it’s important to understand their biology to be able to treat for them appropriately. ABC Home & Commercial provides the expertise and experience needed to rid your home of fleas and ticks—and keep them away.



Do you always spray?

Most of the time, yes.  However, unlike in the past, quality pest control companies focus on creating and maintaining a good barrier around the perimeter of your home on the outside.  For most of our visits, you don't need to be home to "let the bug guy in."  However, we're always glad to treat the inside of your home if you request it in advance and there's no extra charge for that.

What if I see a bug in between your visits?

It's not abnormal or uncommon for pests to move about right after one of our visits.  Some of the products we use are baits that may encourage their movement to the bait - briefly.  However, anytime you feel like we need to return in between visits to check our work and re-apply products, we're glad to come back free of charge.