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Do Termites Look Like Ants?

reddish brown termites

Do you know the difference between termites and ants? These two pests are easy to confuse because of their many similarities. However, there are several physical differences between termites and ants that you can use to tell them apart.

Termites and ants also differ in their life cycle, habitat, reproductive process and caste system. Understanding their key differences will help you identify an infestation in your home.

Some termites and ants can fly, and they are the ones that leave their colonies to reproduce and start new colonies. Swarmer termites are often confused with flying ants. 

Do Termites Look Like Ants?

It’s not easy to tell tiny insects apart from each other, and termites and ants are often mistaken. However, ignoring a termite infestation because you think they are ants will lead to more structural damage to your home. 

Termite Appearance, Life Cycle, Habitat and More

Many homeowners find that it’s easier to spot the signs … Read Full Post »

Best Mulch To Avoid Termites

termites in dirt

Are termites taking up residence on your property? There are several places where termites can hide outdoors, including in your garden and flower beds. One substance that termites have been known to infest is mulch. Thankfully, there are types of mulch that you can use to help avoid termites.

If you suspect that a termite colony is taking up residence on your property or inside your house, call a professional pest control service to implement an effective treatment.

Choosing the Right Mulch to Avoid Termites

Mulching your flower and garden beds is a great way to keep your yard healthy and beautiful. However, it can become frustrating when you find termites in your mulch. These pests can make their way from your yard to your house and cause severe and costly structural damage.

Homeowners always want to know the best mulch to avoid termites, but the truth is that mulch does not inherently attract … Read Full Post »

Can You Use Compost as Soil?

a shovel in compost

Compost, often called “black gold,” adds rich nutrients to your soil that help your garden thrive. However, is it possible to use compost as soil and leave out the soil altogether?

While using compost as soil works in some rare instances, it is not recommended. This quick guide will explain why you shouldn’t use compost as soil and the important differences between compost and potting soil. It will also go over how to use compost correctly with your soil to benefit your garden the most.

Can You Use Compost as Soil? 

Compost is a nutrient-rich material that offers many benefits for your garden. However, should you use compost as soil? While compost and soil may seem interchangeable, they are two separate materials that should be used differently for the best results in your garden.

It is sometimes okay to use compost as soil, but those instances are rare. For example, you can use compost … Read Full Post »

Common Types of Weeds in Grass

weeds in grass

Are unruly weeds taking over your lawn and damaging your grass? They can also cause problems for your plants and become a major annoyance for gardeners.

There are thousands of species of weeds, but some are more common and invasive. Some weeds are simply eyesores, while others, such as poison ivy, can cause harm. The best way to keep them under control is to educate yourself on the most common types of weeds in grass.

Composting your weeds is a great way to get rid of them. Weeds can add valuable nutrients to your compost that will benefit your garden. However, spreading their seeds through your compost is possible, so you must ensure you completely kill off the weeds in the composting process.

Finally, there are types of purple weeds that are deceiving. They may look like beautiful blooms but can become difficult to control. The best way to get rid of weeds … Read Full Post »

Garbage Disposal Is Jammed: What Should I Do?

a kitchen sink

A jammed garbage disposal can interfere with a lot of your activities in the kitchen. If there is a humming sound, but the blades are not turning, that is a sign of a clogged motor. Sometimes, all it takes is pressing the reset button to get it running again. But other times, it requires more effort.

Here’s an in-depth guide to help you troubleshoot a jammed garbage disposal and understand why it happens in the first place. If you are having trouble fixing the issue, contact a professional plumber. They have the tools and expertise to get the job done.

How To Fix a Jammed Garbage Disposal

Safety should always be your top priority. While a garbage disposal’s blades are dull, they can cause harm if you don’t practice basic safety measures. Never put your hands inside the garbage disposal, even if you think something is lodged inside.

Additionally, never work while the garbage … Read Full Post »

Mosquito Repellent Plants in Texas

a group of mosquitoes

In Texas, mosquitoes can be irritating, whether you’re spending time outdoors or trying to enjoy your peaceful garden. However, Texas is home to many species of plants that can help repel mosquitoes.

Some plants release oils into the air that mosquitoes find unpleasant, which may help keep them away from your home.

Additionally, certain types of flora also provide an environment unsuitable for mosquitoes to bother you. These plants may soak up excess water, and since mosquitoes prefer still water sources to lay their eggs, they will make their homes elsewhere.

While professional pest control strategies are the best way to control mosquitoes, a few plants in Texas can help you avoid unwanted pests.


Citronella is one of Texas’s most well-known plants used to ward off mosquitoes. It works by masking the smells of your skin and emitting an unpleasant aroma for mosquitoes.

Citronella plants are heat and drought-tolerant. They grow well in most parts … Read Full Post »

Bathtub Faucet Leaking After Water Is Turned Off

a bathroom

A hot bath is one of the best ways to unwind after a long day. But it can lead to frustration if the bathtub faucet keeps dripping when you turn it off. Not only is it an irritating sound, but it also wastes a lot of water and can raise your water bill.

There are many possible reasons for this issue. It is best to troubleshoot it as quickly as you can. If nothing works, contact the professionals. A licensed plumber will pinpoint the cause and fix your bathtub.

Reasons Why Your Bathtub Faucet Is Leaking After the Water Is Turned Off

There are three common culprits behind a leaking bathtub faucet. Here’s a closer look at each of the possible causes and how you can troubleshoot them.

Worn-Out O-Ring or Washer

Faucets have various small parts inside them that work together to manage the flow and temperature of water. But they can corrode and … Read Full Post »

How To Test Water Quality

a shower head

Water is part of our everyday lives, so we often don’t pay much attention to it. But, it is important to find out if the water in your home is clean and safe. It should be free of chlorine, lead and other impurities.

Homeowners on municipal water should receive a Confidence Consumer Report for their water’s quality. You can contact your local water supplier if you are not getting your annual water quality report. You can also test your water yourself. Doing so will take a little effort, but your body will thank you later.

If you don’t know how to test water quality, here is everything you need to know about the process.

How To Use a Water Home Testing Kit

If you are worried about contaminants in your water, a home testing kit can provide accurate results. They come in various forms, depending on what you are testing for. They can be … Read Full Post »

When is Termite Season?

termites on a wall

Many homeowners wonder about termite season and when they should be on the lookout for these pests. The unfortunate truth is that termites can be active all year long, quietly creating damage to a home. That said, there is a stretch of time when homeowners are more likely to notice termites—when termites swarm.

When a termite nest reaches maturity, reproductive termites will fly out of the nest to go find a mate, find a place to nest and start a new colony. If you are home when a termite swarm happens, you will see these insects flying toward light sources or windows. If you aren’t home when a termite swarm happens, you may find dropped wings near windowsills and on the floor. Flying termites can easily be confused with flying ants. If you find wings around your home and you are not sure what you’re dealing with, it’s wise to contact … Read Full Post »

Where Is the Evaporator Coil?

an outdoor AC unit

Homeowners depend heavily on their air conditioners for comfort, especially when it is hot outside. But despite their reliance on this appliance, few are familiar with an AC’s inner workings and how to maintain it.

While you don’t have to understand how the entire AC system works, it can be beneficial to know the basics. That includes locating the evaporator coil and caring for it. Here’s everything you need to know about this essential part of your AC unit.

Remember that you can always contact AC specialists for problems you encounter with your unit. They have the necessary tools and expertise to have it running smoothly again.

What Is the Evaporator Coil, and How Do You Locate It?

Air conditioners don’t produce cold air like a furnace makes heat. AC units have refrigerant flowing inside them, and the refrigerant absorbs the heat and humidity so the air that flows into the home feels cold. … Read Full Post »