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5 Ways That You’re Attracting Pests (Even If You Don’t Know It)

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Although you probably already know that leaving food lying around is a good way to attract pests, you might be surprised by all of the things that can encourage insects and rodents to establish residence in your home. Take a look at these five common things that attract pests; by following these tips, you can help eliminate critters from your home.

1. There’s Moisture in Your Home

Insects love moisture, so check all of your plumbing to make sure you don’t have any leaks. Any water in your home should be dealt with as soon as possible to discourage pests and prevent property damage.

2. You Have Damaged Screens

Small imperfections in your window and door screens might not seem like a big deal, but many insects can crawl their way through surprisingly tiny holes, so don’t give them that chance. If your screens have holes, you should replace them right away.

3. You Have Clutter

Just because piles of items don’t contain food doesn’t mean that they can’t attract pests. Rodents and insects love burrowing and hiding in piles of newspapers and other clutter, so try to keep your home free of these items. Not only will you be able to get rid of pests, but you can also keep your home much neater and more organized as well.

4. There Are Tiny Cracks in Unexpected Places

Although you might have already thought about sealing your doors and windows, there might be other cracks in and around your home that make it easy for bugs and other small pests to get into the house. Make sure that you seal any cracks in your home’s foundation and walls, and take the time to check around appliance vents, utility lines and plumbing to fill any small holes.

5. Your Neighbors Are Making Your Neighborhood Seem Attractive

Even if you have sealed every crack in your home and have put forth other concentrated pest control efforts, there’s a good chance that pests are finding their way to your neighborhood and home because of your neighbors. It isn’t a bad idea to talk to your neighbors about your pest control issues, although you should approach the conversation lightly for best results. Also, consider having a pest control company spray the perimeter of your property to help keep insects and other pests at bay.

If you’re in need of pest control services in Houston, you can count on ABC Home & Commercial Services to help you get rid of your insect and rodent-related issues. Along with eliminating an infestation from your home, we can also give you tips and tricks for preventing pests from entering your home in the first place. To find out more about our services and low prices, give us a call or schedule online today!

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