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Best on the Block: Top 10 Design Ideas to Light Up Your Home for the Holidays

transform your houston home into a stunning seasonal successAren’t sure what to do with your home for the holidays? Check out our top 10 ideas for transforming your Houston home into a stunning seasonal success.

1. Emphasize existing landscape features and the graceful branches of deciduous trees by illuminating them with ground-level flood lights. Use existing landscape lighting or modular spotlights to highlight wreaths and green decorations. Fill fountains, urns and birdbaths with gazing balls or evergreen boughs to maximize their seasonal appeal.

2. Think about your landscaping before you decorate. Watch for decorative plants that will complement your holiday display. Treat landscape shrubs in late fall to protect them and keep them looking healthy all season. Evergreens, hollies and berry-producing shrubs are ideal for incorporating into your holiday display.

3. Place greenery, topiaries, garlands and evergreen wreaths on entryways, windows, mailboxes, columns and porches. These items will look beautiful during the day before your lights are activated by the timer.

4. Add string lights to enhance greenery and garlands at night. Wrap tree trunks and branches with mini lights to create a splendid visual effect. Use evenly spaced mesh lights to cover evergreen trees and shrubs.

5. Give your home a sleek silhouette by brightening the roof line, gables and eaves with sparkly string lights. Decorate the edges of walkways and driveways to create a warm and inviting look that is tasteful and traditional.

6. Go high-tech by decorating your home with textured string lights or snowfall lights. These LED icicles have multi-faceted covers that sparkle and an animated light effect resembling falling snow.

7. Decorate your backyard to create a wintry paradise. This is an excellent option if you have a gazebo, a pond, a lush garden or a backyard hot tub where you’ll be spending time. Backyard lights look magical from inside too.

8. White and gold Christmas lights are two of the most popular colors of the season. Stay traditional with white lights or solid red and green, or go modern with all-blue lights that look great in the winter.

9. Hang trendy light balls and sparkling snowflakes from tall landscape trees to turn your property into a winter wonderland.

10. Upgrade to energy-saving LEDs, and lower the cost of lighting your holiday display by 80%. LED Christmas lights last much longer than incandescent lights, too.

At ABC Home & Commercial Services in Houston, our elves, Christmas gnomes and professional light stringers are standing by to deck your home for the holidays. Call us today to turn your home into a holiday paradise.

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