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Flowering Evergreens That Deer Hate to Nibble

Choosing bushes that beat nature’s biggest plant predators

Certain plants will repel deer from your gardenWhen it comes to improving the outside appearance of your home, nothing is more important than landscaping. The grasses, trees and shrubs that you choose for your yard can make a big impact on what your home looks like and how much you enjoy it. Unfortunately, choosing plants that deer don’t love eating can be a challenge. If you’re looking for deer-resistant plants for your home, consider beautiful, drought-resistant evergreens.

Choosing Viable Evergreens for Your Home

Choosing the right plants for your yard is essential to the success of your landscaping. Whether you’re just plotting out your yard or want to add to your current landscape, it’s important to look for plants and bushes that are well suited to the local area. Choosing native evergreens is a great way to create a gorgeous yard without worrying about how you’ll water and maintain sensitive plants.

As you shop for evergreens for your yard, stay focused on finding plants that grow well in USDA Hardiness Zone 8. You should also look for plants that are described as drought resistant. Choosing drought-resistant shrubs is a great way to ensure that your yard will look great during years when tight watering restrictions are in place.

It’s also a good idea to opt for slow-growing trees and shrubs that are of a suitable size for your property. Fast-growing, large trees may cause problems with foundations, sewer lines and other landscaping features. Texas A&M especially recommends avoiding the Arizona ash, an incredibly popular tree throughout the area.

Deer-Resistant Plants for the Bryan-College Station Area

Homeowners can rejoice in the fact that there are several wonderful, deer-resistant shrubs that grow well in the local area. While there’s no guarantee that deer will never nibble from these shrubs, they’re unlikely to do so unless facing starvation. Thankfully, two of the most popular evergreens in central Texas also happen to be relatively deer resistant.

Northern Bayberry is a popular choice in central Texas. This beautiful, aromatic evergreen doesn’t attract deer and boasts beautiful fruits from late summer to early spring. Bayberry can grow up to 6 feet tall. Its aromatic branches are also used by many for decorating during the holidays.

Agarito, also known as algerita, is another popular choice in the local area. These hardy bushes are deer resistant and boast a lovely red fruit that’s also edible. The plant is widely used for medicinal purposes, and its beautiful red berries can be used for decorating.

Of course, you might want to landscape your yard with more than just evergreens. Set up an appointment with the experts at ABC Home & Commercial Services in Bryan-College Station today to learn more about deer-resistant plants and shrubs you can use in your yard.

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