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Mole & Gopher Control in Tyler, TX

Moles and gophers are pesky pests that cause damage to your yard. They tunnel up to 150 feet every day so it's important you act fast before they do considerable harm! As a family-owned business with over 70 years of experience, our specialists in Tyler can remove these creatures from your property for good using proven techniques backed by decades worth of knowledge.

You invested a lot of time and money into making your yard beautiful. Now it’s being targeted by moles who leave behind circular holes and narrow runways in the ground that may lead to serious problems like soil degradation or pest infestation if left unchecked for long periods.

Moles are pesky creatures that can take over your yard. They’re also really difficult to get rid of, which is why ABC is the go-to company for Tyler residents! We offer professional mole control services.

The ABC Process

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1. Contact ABC

When you contact us, we will schedule an inspection to get an understanding of the problem.

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2. Get An Estimate

If you have an inspection, we will send you a custom treatment plan and estimate afterward. Once we get your approval, we will schedule your treatment.

3. Treatment

We will come to your property and treat for pests in common hiding and nesting areas.

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4. Prevention

Customers with our ongoing pest management services will receive periodic retreatments to prevent the return of the most common pests in our area.

When you notice signs of moles in your yard, it’s important for us to get treatment started quickly. Contact our team and we’ll send one of our experienced professionals out to your home.

Our specialists use a combination of a machine called the Burrow RX and mole repellent. Both of these methods are kid and pet-friendly and don’t result in any smell in your yard after the removal of these pests.

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Get Started

We offer a full range of pest control services.

ABC is the leader for pest control in Texas and Florida. We have been providing residential and commercial properties with effective treatment for over 70 years because our team members know how to get rid of pests effectively from your home. All of our job candidates go through background checks and drug testing before they’re hired so you can feel comfortable knowing that only qualified people will work on your property.

ABC’s pest control professionals go through an extensive in-house training program to learn the behaviors of these pests and the best ways to manage them. In fact, one value we have is that you can expect us to treat your home like it was our own, which means doing everything possible not just for efficiency but also mindfulness towards what matters most: your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I contact ABC?

When you reach out to us, we will come and inspect your property for mole activity. We’ll also determine the level of infestation as well as suggest how much treatment is needed in order to stop these pests from coming back again! During your inspection, you can expect the ABC specialist to:

  • Ask you questions about where you’ve been seeing mole activity or tunnels
  • Verify that the activity is caused by moles
  • Answer any questions you may have about moles, our processes or our treatments

At the end of the inspection, you will be provided with an estimate for the recommended next steps. Upon your approval, we will put your first service call on the calendar.

What are some warning signs that might point to a mole infestation?

If you have moles, you may notice these signs:

  • Molehills. Like ants, as they tunnel, they get rid of the dirt. Moles are most active during the day. The mounds for the deeper tunnels or the runway mazes for the subsurface tunnels can seemingly spring up in a single day.
  • Tunnels, which look like lines through your yard, can sometimes be seen, even though they are underground.
  • Dead plants or grass can be an indicator if moles’ burrowing activity pushes the plants or grass up, damaging root systems.

After you contact us, an ABC specialist will come out to verify that these signs are caused by moles, and can answer any questions you have about their activity.

Can’t I get rid of moles myself?

It’s hard enough dealing with the problem of pesky moles tunneling beneath your yard, but it becomes even more difficult when you don’t have access to poison or bait. Our team members are experienced in removing these pests from homes so they stay away for good!

How often will you treat my property?

Moles are pesky little creatures, ones that our team members have to return regularly in order to get rid of them completely. After your free inspection, we’ll treat your yard weekly until the problem is under control. Then our team will continue monitoring once per quarter after that so moles don’t come back to your yard.

What impact do the products you use have on my family and the environment?

When it comes to protecting your family’s home, ABC is committed. Our top priority means that we only carry products that we would use in our own homes and yards. Our organic mole repellent is made with citronella, garlic and other natural products. It makes the little creatures’ food taste bad so they go elsewhere to look for a meal, leaving you free of pesky mole diggers in return.

Your pest control specialist would be happy to address any of your questions regarding the products we use and your treatment plan during any part of the process.

Do you service commercial facilities?

ABC has all of the tools to service your business! We understand that commercial pest control requires different strategies, which is why our team members go through additional training to learn the most effective methods to treat and prevent moles on commercial properties.

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Get Started

We can create a treatment plan that targets these pests, so you can have peace of mind.

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“Ian was very nice and was very knowledgeable in the situation at our home. He walked throughout the entire house, including the outside of the home, and he took great care in making sure to get every spot taken care of.”



“We have used ABC Pest Services for years and have no reason to switch. The techs are always professional and friendly. The agents they use in the house as well as outside for bug treatment are safe. My kids and our dog can walk/play in those areas right after they're treated.”

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