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I just wanted to share that this company has gone above and beyond my highest expectations. Brandon is great and has tackled my worst nightmare with roaches in my new home. Thank you ABC and Brandon for your help. Would recommend them to everyone!

- Theresa R., September 2018
How do I know if my home has a rodent problem?

There are typically multiple signs if a rodent has invaded your home. If any of these are present, contact a Specialist:

  • Visible urine or droppings in cabinets, kitchen areas, pantries, or under molding
  • Visible holes chewed in furniture, walls, and cabinetry
  • Signs of rodent nesting including chewed paper and other gathered materials
  • Electrical wires that have been chewed
How does ABC treat for rodents?

Your ABC Pest Specialist is trained in urban pest management and will work with you to address your home’s specific rodent problem. First we will identify damage from rodents and inspect any conditions conducive to nesting and breeding.

The Specialist will begin an extensive trapping and removal schedule to remove rodents from the structure.

We will then seal and close any entry and exit points that they have found or made in your home. These can be holes behind large appliances, holes they have created in pantries or closets, or in cabinetry.

Working with a trained professional is crucial to fully eliminating rodents from your home. Most homeowners do not know rodent behavior such as their feeding schedule, when and how they move around, and how they make entry into your home. Simply using substances, traps or other similar methods can lead to odor problems and does not address the problem at its source.

We want your home to be free from further infestations. That’s why we will work with you to return and remove the rodent traps and honor our work with a one-year renewable warranty.

How soon can you treat my rodent problem?

We can send a pest specialist to inspect your home right away. We’re also flexible and will work around your schedule.