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ABC is a very professional and thorough company. We have used them for several years and they have always taken great care of our property and our residents!

- Tara K.
How does the free inspection work?

We will send a licensed inspector to your home to inspect your attic and any other sites where there’s evidence of nesting to confirm the presence of rodents and what type. The inspector will identify any entry points in your home and put together a trapping program to remove any rodents and a plan to seal your home to prevent them from getting back in.

What kind of rodents do you get rid of?

The most common rodents that we deal with are rats and squirrels. Both are skilled at hiding in structures during the day, and then coming out at night to forage for food. They can pose not only health risks for certain diseases from their urine and droppings, but they also can damage your home by chewing on wiring, insulation, or sheet rock, or even interior baseboards, carpets, doors, and furniture.

We also can remove other species of urban wildlife that may try to take up residence in your home, including raccoons, squirrels, and opossums.

How do you treat for rodents?

Upon identifying the location of rodents and rodent damage, we provide an exclusion or one-time trapping service, in which we seal entry points and install traps. We also return to inspect and remove the traps.

As part of sealing up your home, we run metal into the builders’ gap—the area above the gutter line and below the roofing shingles—to seal this area off and keep rodents from getting into the attic area.

How soon can you come to treat my rodent problem?

How soon can you call us? We will schedule an inspection at your earliest convenience, and get started on your issue as soon as possible.