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How soon can you get started?

At ABC, we understand that after discovering you have a cockroach problem, you want to have a professional come to your home to begin treatments quickly. If you find yourself in this scenario, get in contact with us and we will put you on our schedule at the earliest opportunity. 

A palmetto bug exterminator searching for signs of pest activity
What happens after I contact ABC?

After reaching out to us, we will either schedule an inspection with you or give you an estimate over the phone. If an inspection makes the most sense, you can expect one of our pest control specialists to come to your home to:

  • Ask about where you’ve been seeing palmetto bugs, or any other insect or animal pests, or ask about any signs of these unwelcome guests you’ve encountered around your property 
  • Locate pest resting and breeding grounds, as well as any cracks and crevices they may have used to gain entry to your home 
  • Identify whether you have palmetto bugs or another species of roach on your property 
  • Let you ask us any questions you may have about the pest behavior, activity or our treatment options 

After this visit, we will present you with a treatment plan that is tailored to the pest infestation on your property. Upon your approval, we will put your first service call on the calendar.

What types of treatment does ABC provide for roaches?

Palmetto bugs, also known as American cockroaches or water bugs, can be frightening to spot in your home due to their large size. While you may find these creatures inside your home, these pests prefer to live outside and often find their ways indoors on accident. These bugs commonly enter homes through cracks and crevices around doors, drains and windows. 

A palmetto bug

ABC uses a roach repellant to keep these creatures from entering your home. Once this solution has been applied, your ABC technician will seal up any potential roach entry points, replace weather stripping and put other preventative measures in place to keep these pests from making their way inside your home again. 

The best way to prevent palmetto bugs from making their way onto your property is by eliminating any sources of excess moisture and keeping your home and yard tidy. We also offer ongoing maintenance plans to keep these pests out. 

Does ABC help with other types of roaches?

In addition to American cockroaches and virtually any other type of insect pest, ABC also routinely helps Orlando-area homeowners with German cockroaches. German roaches are smaller, but are also more likely to invade our home.

A German cockroach

With German cockroach infestations, ABC uses a two-fold approach. First, we apply a non-repellant pesticide in the areas where these roaches commonly travel. We use this type of treatment so these cockroaches will unknowingly bring this material back with them to their nests, which in turn halts the reproductive cycle. In conjunction, we routinely put in bait stations to reduce the population of adult roaches. 

In order for these bait systems to be effective, roaches must have no other available food sources, so homeowners must be diligent about cleaning up around their home during the course of treatment. We recommend that our customers check to make sure food is in tightly sealed containers, trash is regularly emptied into bins outside, counters are wiped down, floors are mopped, dishes are rinsed shortly after use and then put straight into the dishwasher. Keep general clutter to a minimum will also provide roaches and other pests with fewer places to hide. 

Because roaches are prolific breeders that can survive on nearly any type of organic matter, multiple service calls are often required to completely eliminate these populations. 

What are some warning signs that might indicate that I have a roach infestation?

In addition to seeing these noctural creatures late at night, other indications of a cockroach problem include: 

  • A musty smell 
  • Cockroach droppings in cabinets that look similar to coffee grounds 
  • Smear marks along wall and floor junctions, as well as other areas where roaches will be traveling 
  • Molted skins that are about the same size and shape of a cockroach 
  • Cockroach egg casings that are cylindrical, long and yellow 

As a part of our initial inspection, we will look for these signs in areas that palmetto bugs are commonly found. Since these pests prefer warm areas with close proximity to water, our technicians usually check bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, drains and any other areas that may have excess moisture.

Can’t I get rid of palmetto bugs and roaches myself?

Although there are roach control products you can buy at the store, eliminating roaches can be a near-impossible task for homeowners to do on their own, as some female cockroaches can lay up to 10,000 eggs in a single year. In addition, cockroaches have been around for millions of years and can survive off nearly any organic matter. This means that trying to drive palmetto bugs out by cutting off their food source is usually futile. 

When it comes to a resilient pest like the roach, a consistent and effective application of treatments is often needed to get rid of their populations entirely. For these reasons, contacting a professional pest control company is often the best route to take to tackle a roach problem. 

How often will you treat my property?

Many Orlando residents find that palmetto bugs are increasingly common during various times of the year. Because of the seasonal nature of pest activity, we find that the majority of infestations will require multiple treatments. 

To prevent future infestations, ABC offers an ongoing monitoring program. With this program, our customers receive regular treatments of preventative products, as well as peace of mind that comes with knowing that if you see any signs of new pest activity, your ABC technicians can stop an infestation before it starts. 

What impact do your products have on my family and the environment?

Because ABC is a family-run business, we hand-select the products we use, only using solutions we would use on our own property. At ABC, we believe in treating your home as if it was our own, so we train our technicians to only use products in targeted areas in the lowest concentrations possible. Our technicians would be happy to address any questions or concerns you have regarding your treatment plan. 

What if I still see palmetto bugs after treatment?

It is actually common to see an uptick in pest activity shortly after treatment. When we treat your home, we make these pests' living quarters inhospitable, so they often emerge in search for a new place to nest. Roaches will be unknowingly bringing the product back with them to any new area they decide to inhabit. Eventually, this will lead to the elimination of the entire population of palmetto bugs. 

If the pest activity around your home has not decreased a week after your initial treatment, reach out to us. Any treatments after this time and within 30 days of your first treatment call will come at no additional cost to you.

What can I do on my own to prevent palmetto bugs?

When your ABC technician comes to your home, you will receive tailored advice for preventing pest activity on your property. To keep roach populations to a minimum, we recommend:

  • Keeping your counters, stovetops, floors and other surfaces clean 
  • Wiping down surfaces after using them 
  • Clearing off dirty dishes and putting them in the dishwasher promptly after use 
  • Emptying pet food and water bowls at night 
  • Taking out the garbage on a regular basis 
  • Sealing off potential entry points around drains, windows and doors
  • If necessary, replacing weather stripping 
  • Moving firewood and other vegetation so these materials are not leaning up against your home 

At the end of your inspection, we will also provide you with tips on how to prevent roaches from entering your home or coming on to your property. We may recommend signing up for ongoing monitoring to ensure these pests don't come back after our initial treatment.  

Do you service commercial facilities?

Absolutely! ABC understands that commercial properties have different requirements for cockroach control than residential properties, which is why we have specially trained technicians who fully understand how to handle roaches, as well as other pests, on these types of properties. We also provide our commercial customers with ongoing monitoring to ensure long-term results. 

Why should I choose ABC to deal with my palmetto bug problem?

ABC is a family-run business that has been providing effective, reliable pest control for homeowners and business owners for over 60 years. From our experience working across Texas, Oklahoma and Florida, we've learned the best ways to target pests and prevent reinfestations. Our customers have additional peace of mind knowing that all of our specialists are drug tested and checked for criminal history prior to joining ABC. Before performing service calls, our technicians go through additional in-house training so they are equipped to handle any type of pest problem, big or small. Lastly, we believe in treating your home as if it was our own and will always put your family's well-being first.