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Very good service every time. Nice courteous people.

- Sydney V, April 2020
Tell me about your lawn fertilization service

ABC offers an extensive and effective treatment plan of 7 services over a 12-month period. The products applied are designed to optimize turf health, color, and root growth.  The program includes weed control with pre-emergent applications in the spring and fall, designed to help reduce weed germination.

We can’t guarantee a weed-free lawn (and a home owner should be suspicious of any lawn service company that does), but we can reduce the number of interlopers to your turf. Post-emergent weed treatments will also be provided throughout the season, targeting broadleaf weeds. In order to be environmentally conscious, we treat only when and where needed. Our primary products contain active ingredients which balance the soil's ecosystem, building strong roots and growing healthier, resilient plants.

Are your products environmentally friendly?

We choose our products according to their compliance with environmental standards. Our first efforts and recommendations almost always begin with natural, organic and low-impact products.  The well-being of your family and the environment is our company's priority. The products we select are designed for use around schools, businesses and homes.

How often do you visit?

A normal treatment schedule includes seven treatment visits over the course of the year, from an ABC lawn specialist. However, every yard has individual needs, and that means that the best approach to service your lawn could very well be different from the approach that works for your neighbor across the street. We’ll create a service schedule based on your unique lawn and tailor it to fit your specific needs.

What is the best approach to help an unhealthy lawn?

If achieving a perfectly green lawn seems to be a constant challenge, you are not alone. Even a climate that’s as friendly as it is in Temple/Belton can be hard on grass.

Temple/Belton generally has all the sunlight your lawn might want, but without the right nutrients, your grass won’t necessarily be able to take advantage of our climate to thrive and grow. That’s why regular lawn care with organic, turf-building products is the key part of the foundation your yard needs.

When our lawn care specialists visit your home, their first step is to identify exactly what your lawn needs. Our specialists will survey your lawn, observe the conditions that affect growth such as shade from trees and the slope of your lawn, and develop a custom plan for your yard. The custom plan will include an estimate that details what we recommend and what the options are. Once we have a plan that meets your needs, we’ll schedule a time and day for the treatment. You don’t even have to be home when we visit.

Are you able to provide weed control control for lawns?

A healthy lawn and a weed-free lawn go hand in hand. If a lawn is healthy and thriving, most weeds will be choked out. So yes, weed care is included in our regular schedule of treating your lawn. Additionally, when we choose a weed control product for Temple/Belton, it will be used only when and where necessary to gain maximum results.

This approach may require more patience, but we have found it is the best approach for lawn care in our communities.

Are the products you use friendly for pets and children?

All of our lawn service products and methods are thoughtfully selected with consideration for pets, children and the environment. We use highly effective products that also provide the lowest possible impact. As a family-owned business, there’s nothing more important to us than the well-being of you, your loved ones and our great Temple/Belton environment.

Any other turf building options?

Yes, we recommend regular applications of compost.  Compost is organic material applied directly onto the lawn and is designed to improve the overall health of the turf.  We would typically recommend aeration with compost and we suggest it be done twice a year - typically in the Fall and Spring.

What can I expect from the people doing fertilization work at my home?

Not only do all employees undergo a criminal history check and drug screening, but with any service that requires licensure for work for to be performed, you can bet that ABC is on top of it and completely certified. Rest easy, and leave the work to our experienced, trained, and friendly and responsible service team.