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How to Keep Snakes Out of Your Pool

How to Keep Snakes Out of Your Pool

There’s nothing like having a pool in your backyard, especially during the dog days of summer. On a hot day, it’s so nice to get into your swimsuit and take a refreshing dip. But wait – there’s a snake in the pool. How did that get there? How do you get rid of it? How can you keep snakes out of your pool?

How to Keep Snakes Out of Your Pool

There are only two camps for snakes – you either tolerate or hate them and want them to go away. But unfortunately for members of the latter camp, snakes are a fact of life in the Southwest. There are actually 76 species of snakes in Texas alone. Most are not poisonous, but you don’t want to find one floating in your pool or jumping out at you or your family from around the pool’s edge when you’re least expecting it.

What attracts snakes to pools?

Because snakes are cold-blooded, they love sunbathing on concrete, but that’s only one reason snakes are attracted to pool areas and yards. You might be attracting snakes, unknowingly, if you:

  • Don’t regularly mow your lawn or trim your bushes. Snakes love to hide where there is a thick cover, so while you may mow the central area of your lawn, you might find snakes if you have sections where the grass is more extended. Longer grass also attracts the things snakes like to eat, like mice and other small creatures, making it an ideal feeding ground for these slithering pests.
  • Feed your pets outside. Even if you keep your lawn and bushes neatly trimmed, you could attract snakes if you leave uncovered pet food outside. Why? Because open food attracts rodents. Rodents are the main food supply for snakes. If you feed your pets outside, pick up the food after a reasonable amount of time so there’s no time for mice to make a dinner reservation.
  • Have standing water in your backyard. Even snakes need to keep hydrated. Anything that holds standing water close to the ground, like tire swings, toys, and other areas where rain collects, will attract snakes.

Snakes do not want to enter a chlorinated pool; the chlorine is poisonous. They end up in a pool, most times when they chase a mouse or other food and fall into the pool by accident.

How to keep snakes out of your pool

The first step to keeping snakes out of your pool is to keep them out of your yard. Mow your lawn regularly – weekly during the spring and early summer, then back to every other week as the hot season comes in. Trim your hedges heavily during the spring and clean out underneath.

To keep snakes away from the pool, start by looking at your landscape design. Keep bushes and shrubbery away from your pool area; it reduces the number of hiding places. Snakes try to avoid humans as much as we try to avoid snakes, so the fewer hiding places, the fewer snakes you’ll see.

Do-It-Yourself Snake Repellents

Still bothered by snakes, even after cleaning up your yard? Here are some simple, do-it-yourself ways of keeping snakes away from your pool area:

  • Remind snakes humans live there. Dirty socks, hair from a comb or brush, or anything that has your scent on it will keep snakes from moving closer to your pool, especially at night, when the primary food source of snakes – mice – are active.
  • Sprinkle white vinegar or ammonia around the pool area. At night, just before bed, sprinkle white vinegar or ammonia around the pool area. Snakes absorb liquids through their skin and won’t cross a line of either liquid.

Call a Professional to Help Get The Job Done

Finding a snake in your pool is not fun. Remember, when dealing with a snake, assume it’s poisonous unless (or until) it’s confirmed to be safe. Do your best to keep snakes away from your pool area, and if you’d rather not deal with them yourself, contact the pros at ABC Home & Commercial Services; our pool and pest control experts are ready to help.

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