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Safely and Effectively Landscaping Around Ugly HVAC Units

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They’re bulky, obvious and generally unappealing. They’re considered an unwelcome addition to your landscape, but getting rid of them isn’t an option. No, we’re not talking about your neighbors. We’re referring to your exterior HVAC units. Unfortunately, you can’t just throw a tarp over them, or place anything close enough to impede air circulation. Typically, a unit needs two or three feet of space free around it and at least one open access point for servicing. Although letting weeds or ivy engulf a unit seems tempting, it would cause serious and expensive problems. Using plants to hide a unit can be tricky if the unit blows hot air continuously. Fortunately, there are other ways to prevent the universal outdoor eyesore from ruining your garden’s ambiance.

Strategically Placed Focal Points

Although you may not be able to plant anything directly in front of your unit, a line of hearty, dense shrubs or privacy trees several feet away can help block the view and draw attention to itself. Look for dramatic, attractive evergreens and plants that keep their fullness year-round.

Fence Panel Magic

Use individual or multiple fence panels or lattices to hide the unit while leaving plenty of room for air to circulate. If your unit can be seen from all sides, enclose it behind a small gate so service technicians can easily get in and out. Don’t forget to maintain the area by keeping weeds under control.

Give It a Standing Ovation

If you just need a quick or temporary fix, try placing plant stands holding large, full plants a few feet from the problem area.

The Cold Air Chameleon

If your unit is ugly simply because it’s old or rusted, consider painting it the same color as your home’s siding to make it blend in. Before you paint, check with the unit’s manufacturer to be sure it’s safe, and use only paints specifically designed for the task.

For Expert Designs, Call the Landscaping Specialists at ABC

Our trained landscaping specialists at ABC Home & Commercial Services can give the exterior your Bryan-College Station home a makeover that will turn your neighbors green with envy. From trees and shrubs to mulch and hardscaping features, we can provide all the elements your yard needs to look its best, and we’ll figure out how to hide your unsightly HVAC unit. Schedule a free estimate today, and let us get to work on creating the beautiful outdoor space your home deserves.

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