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What kind of jobs can ABC handymen help me with?
An ABC handyman professional.

Over the years, we have found that many homeowners will wait or simply won’t reach out to a handyman service because they feel that they could just do the work themselves. However, with everything McKinney residents have going on, these projects can quickly fall to the bottom of our to-do list. Others may realize that they’re in over their head in the middle of it or can’t seem to find the time to complete a task or repair. 

If you have something on your property that needs to be repaired, maintained or replaced, don’t wait! Our team members are professional helpers and can help get a number of things on your to-do list finished.

ABC offers the following services:

  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Pressure washing
  • Wood rot repair
  • Siding replacement
  • Mounting TV’s
  • Putting up picture frames
  • Assembling furniture
  • Hanging new doors
  • Repairing sheetrock
  • Carpentry services, such as adding crown molding, building decks, fixing stairs and cabinets and framing doors

Although our handymen don’t deal with plumbing issues, ABC is a full-service plumbing provider. Our licensed plumbers can install toilets, fix leaks, replace faucets and more. 

How soon can you start on my list of projects?

Once you contact us, we’ll make every effort to get you on our schedule at the earliest available opportunity. We recommend contacting us sooner rather than later so that work can get started as quickly as possible.

What are ABC’s handyman prices based on?

When you contact us for handyman services, we will schedule either a half-day or a full day of services. Typically, ABC’s handymen can get several projects completed within a half-day time block. In order for us to give you an accurate estimate of how long the project should take our craftsmen, it’s helpful when our customers describe the projects they have in mind. After you let us know what you would like to have done, we will match you with a professional whose skills best fit your needs. 

If you have a more involved project that may take more than a full day, we’ll schedule an ABC specialist to do a walk-through and offer you an estimate before getting started. We will include all associated costs in this estimate, so you don’t have to worry about any surprise costs popping up later on.

What if my ABC craftsman can’t finish my projects in the set amount of time?

ABC has extensive experience completing handymen projects, which gives us a good understanding of how long a project takes. However, on rare occasions, a project will become more time-intensive than what we had originally estimated. If this happens, ABC will let you know how much more time it will take to finish your to-do list. You can then make the decision to leave the remaining tasks unfinished or pay for additional time to complete them.

Do I need to provide any kinds of tools or equipment?

When we are scheduling your appointment, we will let you know what tools and equipment are required for the different tasks you need to have completed. When your ABC craftsman comes to your property to get started, they will arrive with all of the basic tools and supplies needed to complete the project. If there are any specific tools or materials required, we recommend that you buy them ahead of time. This way, your specialist will be able to focus on completing your project rather than shopping for materials.

Why does ABC have time blocks for handyman services?

Generally, when homeowners in McKinney reach out to ABC for handyman services, they have a long list of tasks they would like to have done, and not just one or two quick projects. Because of this, our experienced handymen work on a flat-fee basis. This allows them to finish multiple home improvement projects for the same price, as opposed to charging for each individual task.

Our goal is to help homeowners enjoy their free time, instead of spending time trying to figure out how to solve the long list of home maintenance tasks that quickly build up. These time blocks let our specialists make the most of their time on your property and provide homeowners with peace of mind knowing that these projects will be completed in a timely manner and correctly.

Is there anything I should do to get my home ready for my ABC handyman?

There are a few ways you can make the most of your handyman’s time, by preparing for their visit:

  • Make sure kids and pests stay in another area of the home or yard while work is underway.
  • Move furniture and other objects away from the area in which your ABC handyman will be working.
  • Be available for any questions from your handyman.
Why should I choose ABC?

As a family-run business that has been in the McKinney area for over 70 years, we understand that residents don’t want to spend their free time trying to get through their to-do list. We understand that McKinney residents prefer to spend their time in Historic Downtown McKinney, Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary or spending time at Erwin Park.

We frequently hear from our customers that they appreciate that we take such great pride in hiring excellent employees, which starts with a thorough background check and drug testing. No matter which home service you rely on ABC for, you can rest easy knowing that we only hire the best of the best.