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Common-Area Maintenance Means Common Pests

Should you be fighting on more fronts?

Are your unwelcome guests really falling prey to your limited maintenance efforts, or are they savvy enough to simply move out temporarily before returning to their normal haunts? Vermin don’t need high-level intelligence to know it’s in their best interest to move somewhere else when the commercial pest control service starts spraying. If your treatment program isn’t comprehensive, you could just be spreading the problem to the rest of your Dallas building or facility.

Survival at All Costs

Creatures such as insects and rodents may lack the size advantages that humans and other animals count on, but they’re some of the planet’s most prevalent residents.

Researchers have discovered that ant colonies, for instance, go as far as using their bodies to make living rafts to protect their queens during floods, an act of dedication that most human families would be hard-pressed to imitate. Some cold-blooded insect species … Read Full Post »

5 Ways to Impress the Health Inspector

Ensuring your restaurant kitchen is always ready for inspection

Is your restaurant kitchen ready for the visit from the health inspector? Avoid common mistakes with this simple checklist.

Practice Good Hygiene

Clean habits make for a clean kitchen. Ensure that your staff always washes their hands after using the restroom. Gloves should be changed between preparing different dishes. Most importantly, staff members who are ill should never handle food. Be sure to check the bathrooms to make sure that the sinks and toilets are clean and all drains are operating properly to prevent backup or potential contamination.

Proper Handling of Hazardous Foods

Meats, dairy products, eggs and certain prepared foods must be kept at the proper temperature to avoid bacterial growth. Never leave refrigerated or frozen items sitting out until they become lukewarm. Cook all foods thoroughly and serve or store them in a timely manner. Keep food preparation and cooking surfaces clean at all … Read Full Post »

Do You Know About Those Tenants Under the Eaves?

You may not be in the habit of inspecting the eaves of your building. However, keeping this part of your store or office free from pests is vital when you want to keep dangerous rodents and critters at bay. You probably think outdoor creatures such as squirrels, opossums, and chipmunks are cute, but rodents like these can carry deadly diseases with them and infect your building by invading your eaves. When you want your office, store, or other commercial space to be free from such nuisances and health dangers, you can take these steps to keep these critters away.

Rodents like to live under your eaves because this area provides the warmth and shelter they need to build nests and raise offspring. In fact, this website reports that squirrels can have two or more litters of pups each year. You can get rid of these creatures and discourage them from taking … Read Full Post »

Furry and Freaky Creatures That Go Bump in the Night

Furry animals are cute to look at in a zoo or wildlife sanctuary, but when these critters invade your attic and take over your property, you begin to understand why pest control specialists refer to these animals as nuisances. Despite their small size, they can wreak total havoc on your home, often within a matter of days after finding their way inside your attic, basement, or eaves. When you hear skittering in your attic and on your roof or see the tell-tale signs of a nocturnal animal invasion, it’s time to take the necessary steps to get rid of these critters.

Discouraging these animals from coming into your home can start with practical steps such as bagging up your garbage each night, removing pet food and water bowls from your outdoor patio or backyard area, and getting rid of any other sources of food that might be attracting these animals. When … Read Full Post »

Five Ways to Dispose of Bed-Bug-Infested Bedding

how to kill bed bugs

Don’t let your bedding infest other homes

Bed bugs remain an exceptionally difficult pest to exterminate. They hide in tiny crevices and inflict itchy bites after dark. Texas law identifies this insect as a public health nuisance. To avoid spreading these bugs to fellow Texans, it’s vital to discard infested belongings in a safe and lawful manner.

Disposal Options

  1. Consider calling a local junk removal service. Some firms will dispose of almost anything for a fee. They quickly haul away mattresses, couches, upholstered chairs and other unwanted items.
  2. Many cities provide free curbside junk collection. Dallas residents may use this monthly service to discard old beds and carpets. To protect sanitation workers and neighbors, seal all infested objects in plastic.
  3. If your city, landlord or dumpster rental company allows it, you can put relatively small things in a nearby dumpster. Be sure to deface these items and attach warning labels.
  4. Another option is to bring ruined … Read Full Post »

Don’t Let Pests Chase Away Business

The customer is always right about pests

Rodents and insects create problems for Dallas businesses, whether they’re child care centers or furniture rental stores. They can annoy, sicken or injure your firm’s customers and employees. Even if you don’t have direct contact with the public, an infestation may ruin valuable goods. It’s vital to take action before pests cause serious harm to your business.

Bothersome Bugs

Your company may offer excellent products and services, but this won’t stop a small infestation from chasing away your customers. No one wants to find ants crawling on a dining table or hotel bed. Likewise, people won’t shop or eat if they smell an expired rodent in the wall. A single pest can prevent you from gaining a loyal patron.

Bad Publicity

When customers buy flea-infested furniture or swat flies while eating meals, they often tell other people about these experiences. Business review websites make this very easy to … Read Full Post »

Are Your Guests Sleeping With the Enemy?

The modern bed bug invasion and what to do about it

Are unwelcome visitors feasting in your guest rooms? We’re not talking about intruders helping themselves to the minibar. We’re talking about bed bugs. Are they dining on your guests?

Bed bug infestations are on the rise. When the National Pest Management Association surveyed pest management companies in 2010, they found that 95% of the companies that responded had encountered bed bugs in the previous year, up from just 25% in 2006. The nasty things have been found in homes, hospitals, dorms, retail stores and even in the offices of the Wall Street Journal.

The hospitality industry is also on the creepy-crawly radar. When bed bugs invaded hotels in New York, it made headlines all over the world. Most people assume these creatures are a sign of poor housekeeping. The truth is that bed bugs are the world’s best hitchhikers. They hide in … Read Full Post »

When Dallas Yards Get Hungry

Enhancing your property with proper fertilization techniques

Although Dallas definitely stays warmer year-round than states in the northern half of the country, it’s still imperative to consider your property’s lawn care needs for the spring, summer and fall. After all, fertilizing strategies change with the weather, and you also need to aerify warm season turfgrasses during the spring and summer months. Taking the time to create the proper strategy will help ensure a lush lawn.

Fertilization Schedule for Southern Grasses

It’s common for Dallas-area residents to have Southern grasses such as Zoysia, Bermuda and St. Augustine on their property. All of these grasses require granular slow-release fertilization four times a year to help them look their best. This requires a proper schedule so that you don’t end up overwhelming your yard or inadvertently causing some damage. You should have the first fertilization applied between late February and early March, and follow it up … Read Full Post »

Stop the Weed-Whacking Insanity

When the weather is warm and there’s plenty of rain, it can seem like all you do throughout the spring and summer is try to keep weeds under control. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to put away that noisy, stinky old weed whacker? With the right lawn care methods, you can do just that and still have an amazing lawn.

Don’t Buzz Cut Your Lawn

An ultra-short lawn may extend the time until you have to mow again, but it also leaves your grass vulnerable to being overrun by more aggressive plants. Mowing at a higher level gives your grass a long enough leaf to produce the nutrients it needs to grow strong and “crowd out” pesky weeds.

Hoe Your Rows

Weed whackers only cut the visible parts of weeds, but a good old-fashioned hoe can stop them in their tracks. If you’re sick of weeds that seem to spring up year … Read Full Post »

Don’t Set the Table for Termites

Dallas pest control tips to eliminate termite infestations

You may be welcoming termites and other pests into your home without even knowing it. Termites cause over $5 billion in property damage each year. It’s always smart to get a regular pest inspection, but there are other things you can do to discourage an infestation as well. Here are some effective pest control tips to help you stop setting the table for termites.

Stop Piling Mulch Near Your Home

Mulch is heaven to termites. It’s a source of food and provides a moist environment where termites thrive. When mulch is near your foundation it acts as a bridge that welcomes the pests into your house. If you must use mulch, keep it piled well below the siding or wood construction. It may be a good idea to use gravel as an alternative to mulch to avoid the inadvertent luring of termites.

Remove Tree Stumps

When dead … Read Full Post »