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Inside the Bug-Busting World of Integrated Pest Management

Preventative Austin Area Pest Control Service

Many people are concerned about the damage that pests can cause to their property, and they’re also worried about the environmental impact of unnecessary pest control products. Luckily, ABC Home & Commercial Services provides an effective preventative program known as integrated pest management (IPM). Taking this approach enables us to reduce pest control product usage without compromising the effectiveness of dealing with an infestation of unwelcome pests in your home.

What is Integrated Pest Management?

IPM is an innovative preventative method that involves an analysis of the bugs on your property to determine which of them present an actual threat. After all, there are some pests that are necessary for the ecosystem, and it’s also possible to experience a small quantity of certain species without developing an actual issue. Therefore, our trained technicians will carefully assess your specific situation, and they’ll also factor in the time of year and any ecological benefits that the bugs on your property can provide. After all of this has been considered, we’ll recommend the best course of action.

Will Pest Control Products Still be Used?

Although IPM takes a more natural, holistic approach, it’s still sometimes necessary to use pest control products in order to treat the issue. It might also be possible in some situations to trap and remove the pests instead of exterminating them on your property. The goal of IPM is to give homeowners the option to reduce the amount of pest control products that are used on their property without allowing an infestation to occur, but some bugs can only be truly dealt with via traditional methods. For example, pest control product use may be necessary for treating cockroach infestations.

What is the Environmental Impact of IPM?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that IPM is a viable method for controlling pests in residential and farm areas. The EPA also indicates that this approach is environmentally sensitive. By using common sense methods to determine when bugs need to be exterminated, we can reduce the risks involved with exposing any humans or animals to pest control products, and we can also provide the earth with the biodiversity that it needs to keep everything growing properly. In other words, making the choice to switch to IPM for your pest control needs could make your soil and grass healthier, so this is definitely something worth discussing with our team.

If you’re interested in using the IPM method for your Austin home, contact us at ABC Home & Commercial Services.

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