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Unexpected Bee Problems to Be on the Lookout for in Austin

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Going Beyond the Sting

When was the last time you suffered a bee sting? For your sake, we hope that it has been a while. Although everyone learns to avoid direct contact with bees at a young age, it seems like these hardy pollinators just can’t keep their wings—and stingers—off of us. What’s more, you might be surprised to learn that bees cause lots of issues that have nothing to do with their ability to inflict pain.

Burrowing Carpenter Bees

If you’ve found some unexplained holes in the side of your house, you might be dealing with a carpenter bee infestation. Unlike honey bees, this species likes to burrow into wood and set up colonies in fully sheltered locations. The potential damage to your home may be further compounded by the presence of hungry woodpeckers that dig deep into your exterior walls in search of tasty larvae. The best course of action is to set up special traps that don’t catch other insects.

Tree Slime and Unaccompanied Swarms

When trees are injured, they ooze sap. Most of the time, this situation is self-correcting. If the tree is badly hurt or otherwise compromised, however, its sap may be colonized by microorganisms that convert its sugar into alcohol. This creates a funny but potentially dangerous situation in which bees and other insects become intoxicated and swarm with no apparent purpose.

Likewise, honey bees may swarm as part of the colony-forming process or after a disruption that destroys an existing colony. In both situations, it may be necessary to call a bee removal expert.

Nests in HVAC Housing

Honey bees love to set up mud and thatch nests in the sheltered housing of outdoor HVAC units. This can reduce the efficiency of your equipment and may eventually lead to permanent damage that requires repairs, part replacement or an entirely new system. A protective screen may solve the problem.

Your Source for Bee Removal Services in Austin and Beyond

If you’re dealing with any of these problems, you may be at your wits’ end. In many cases, it’s not feasible for untrained folks to try to tackle bee issues on their own. Even if you’re not allergic, the results can be quite painful. Fortunately, we proudly provide a range of bee mitigation and removal services that minimize the negative impacts on your property and the environment.

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