Houston Community Involvement Hero video transcript

[A male and female news co-anchors are standing in the newsroom of Channel 2 KPBC in Houston in front of screen that says “Habitat Home–UT Physicians.]
(Female News Anchor)
Welcome back, guys. We are approaching now the one-week mark of our new Habitat for Humanity build.

(male anchor}
And the seventh annual, in fact, and in these few days, the House is already taking shape. This morning, a look at who is helping now.

[Cut to a man at a Habitat for Humanity work site hammering in nails into wood to build a home.]

(male anchor voice over)

Homes are built one nail and 2 x 4 at a time. Houston Habitat for Humanity homes are also built one sponsor and one volunteer at a time.

(Raleigh Jenkins–Owner of ABC Home and Commercial services speaking)

ABC Home and Commercial Services is a family owned business. We’re here in Houston and I’m a single generation, our third generation, here at this house today working, slinging hammers and doing great things today.


(Ben Johnson, employee of ABC Home and Commercial Service speaking)

We work together serving customers at ABC every day, but today to work together to serve somebody in the communities. Very special.

(male co-anchor voice over)

Day four of KPRC 7th annual Habitat for Humanity Home Build and everything is on schedule for Adrian Marks, who lost everything during Hurricane Harvey and has worked hard to earn this home for herself and her two children.

(an ABC volunteer speaking off camera)
16 by three.

[sound of a buzz saw]

(interviewer speaking to Ben Johnson)
Ever built a house before?

(Ben Johnson)
Never built a house before.

(male co-anchor)
Under the supervision of the Houston Habitat for Humanity Build Team,
ABC Home and Commercial Services volunteers, among other things, literally raised the roof.

(Raleigh Jenkins)

I think we’ve been working.
I’ve been watching. I’m making sure we’re all working. Yeah, I know. And this is great. You know, the opportunity to do this is just so the bonding for our team as well as the opportunity to serve others is just a twofold benefit to everything that we’re doing, a benefit to everything.

[Cut back to newsroom]

(male co-anchor)

The four bedroom, eleven hundred square
foot home should be
finished sometime in April.

(female co-anchor)

I love it.
Looks good so far.

Icon of a split level house

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