Houston Hero Video Bed Bug Treatment video transcript

[Opening text: “Dealing with Bed Bugs”]
[Cameo Jenkins and Barry McMath stand in a living room with a dog.]

Cameo: Hey, y’all. I’m Cameo Jenkins. I’m here with Barry McMath. He is the bedbug dog handler for ABC and Commercial Services.

So, Barry, who’s this?

Barry: This is fellow. This is one of two of our canine bedbug detection dogs.

[Text page title: “Bed Bug Detection Dogs.” There are two headshots of dogs named Frisbee and Fellow]

(voice over text and scenes)

We have fellow and his brother, Frisbee. Frisbee and fellow both smell for the scent of bedbugs.
[Text ends]

And we can take them into any structure.

[Scene changes to Fellow happily walking through a bedroom in search of bed bugs]

And if that structure has any bedbugs in it anywhere, these dogs will pick up on
that scent in the air, and they will go and find that scent exactly where the bedbug is. And tell us.

[Text Page: Why Use a Detection Dog? Can smell bed bugs anywhere in any structure; Able to pinpoint exact location of bed bugs]
[Text ends]

Cameo: So if you bring Fellow, you bring Frisbee, and then what?


Barry: [voice over text page “What if we find bed bugs?]

That’s when we show the customer that the structure does indeed have the bedbugs inside.

[Text: We will show you where they are; We will explain how we will get rid of them]
[Text ends]

Then we have to discuss what to do about it. At ABC, we use heat to
eradicate bugs from a structure.

[Scene changes to a fan blowing hot air through a tube.]

(voice over scene and text)

We will heat a structure to generally around 130 degrees to 140

[Text Page: “Beating Bed Bugs”; Heat the affected area to 130-140 degrees]

And that’s more than enough heat to kill bedbugs.

[Text: Blow heated air into every crack and crevice]

And it will blow that hot air into every crack and crevice where a bedbug might be, and it eradicates them and their eggs.

[Text: Eradicates bed bugs & their eggs]
[Text ends]

Cameo: Very cool. Well, thank you so much for being here and talking to me today. If you ever suspect you have bedbugs of would like a second opinion, definitely
call ABC Home and Commercial Services. You’ll get to bring these cute dogs out to your home and get rid of your bedbugs once and for all.

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