Houston Pool Service Hero video transcript

[Cameo Jenkins and Brent Weikel, employees of ABC Home and Commercial Services, stand in front of a backyard pool.]

Hey, I’m Cameo Jenkins, I am here this morning with Brent Weikel. He is the pool and irrigation manager for ABC and Commercial Services and we are talking pools.

[The screen changes to text: “Caring for Your Pool”]
[Text ends]

Cameo: So Brent, how can I keep my pool in the best shape possible?


[Scene changes to someone using a pool skimmer to clean a pool]

[Text page: “Weekly Pool Maintenance”]

Brent (voice over text): Every week you have to clean it.You have to, you know, vacuum the pool, get the leaves out, get the dirt out of it, gotta brush the walls.

[Text: “Use a Vacuum, Brush, and Net to remove all the leaves and dirt from your pool”]

You you need to empty your pump baskets, your skimmer baskets.

[Text: Empty your pump and skimmer baskets]

But the most important thing is putting the right chemicals in there and keeping the pool well balanced.

[Text: Check your chemical levels and make sure they are balanced.]
[Text page ends]

Cameo: We all want blue nice pools for summer.
So what are the warning signs that maybe you should call in a professional?

[Scene changes to a pool with debris being vacuumed]

Brent: Well, really, it starts
with overall color.

[Changes to text page: “When to Call a Professional”]

Brent (voice over text): I mean, is that for green? I mean, if it’s got a tint,
you’ve got some issues going on.

[Text: “If the water is green or has a tint”]

You have cloudy water, that means there’s something else going on.

[Text: If the water is cloudy]

If you have any type of growth on the walls of the pool, the algae formation, that’s when you know you have a problem.

[Text: If you have any algae or growth]
[Text ends]

Cameo: OK, so what is the biggest issue that you typically get when people call in and say, “Come help!”

[Scene changes to a basket of chemicals next to the side of the pool. An ABC specialist then tests the chemical balance in the water.]

Brent: Well, usually everybody focuses on what they call the PH, the alkalinity and chlorine.

[Change to text page: “Cyanuric Acid”]

Brent (voice over text): But the one level that they always forget about is what they call the cyanuric acid level.

[Text: “Important to check along with PH Balance”]

Cyanuric acid, it sounds like something really bad that actually keeps the chlorine in the pool.

[Text: Protects chlorine from the sun’s UV rays.]

Without it, the chlorine would literally just burn off by the sun’s UV rays. But unfortunately, what happens down the road is the that the cyanuric acid just builds up by itself and the only way to correct it is actually to take out about three quarters of water or all the water and just put new fresh water in and then restart the chemical balance.

[Text: Can Build up on its own, and they only fix is to remove water from the pool and start over]
[Text ends]

Cameo: This is a chlorine pool. If I had a saltwater pool, would y’all be able to take care of it? What’s the difference?

Brent: Well, it’s really the same.

[Changes to text page: “Saltwater vs. Chlorine”]

Brent (voice over text): You still have to watch your PH alkalinity.

[Text: “Basically the same care, you still have to monitor PH Balance and chemical levels”]

The only thing is that with saltwater pool is going to do for you is it’s going to make its own chlorine instead of the chlorine pools that you’re actually
putting in chlorine tabs.

[Text: “Biggest difference is saltwater pools create their own chlorine, so you don’t have to add chlorine tabs”]

[End text page]

Cameo: If I’ve been doing all this and I kind of want to take summer off and enjoy my pool, how can you help? What do you do?

Brent (voice over continues through scene montage and text page): ABC is a full service company.

[Scene changes to two ABC pool specialist skimming and vacuuming a pool]

We handle all the cleaning.

[Scene changes to an ABC specialist checking the chemical balance of a pool]

We’re going to test the chemicals for you. We’re going to adjust the chemicals.

[Text Page: “Services Provided”]

We’re also a full repair company. So in the event that something breaks down, we
can either fix it or replace your equipment for you.

[Text List: Complete Cleaning; Test and Adjust Chemicals; Repair or replace broken equipment; pool remodeling]

[Text page ends]


Cameo: Perfect. Well, if you have any questions about pool or want to get a free estimate or like I said, take the summer off and just enjoy your nice pool, give ABC Home and Commercial Services a call. They help with everything and we’d love to help you out.

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