Houston Hero Video Landscaping video transcript

[Cameo Jenkins and Derek Salazar sitting outdoor in patio chairs]

Cameo: Hey, y’all. I’m Cameo Jenkins, I am here with Derek Salazar, and we are talking about landscaping.

[Text screen: “Transforming Your Landscape”]

Do certain types of plants or trees work better in various neighborhoods like Sugarland or the Woodlands? Does it make a difference?

Derek: That’s a good question. It does make a difference as far as a soil type in given areas.

[Close ups of tree and plants and the soil they grown in]

(Derek voice over text screen)
[Text screen: “Factors to consider”; What part of town do you live in?”]

But more importantly, just the overall conditions of the property.

[Text: “What type of soil do you have?”]

You know, if you have too much shade or a lot of sunlight, that all has to come
into play as to what we can plant.

[Text: “How much sunlight is available?”]
[End text]

Cameo: OK, but when I buy a plant, usually I kill them. But when I don’t, I feel like I don’t really have a plan. You know, there I have too many, too little. They’re random colors, so how do you help with overall design?

00:00:45.920 –> 00:00:47.200
[scene of two ABC landscaping specialists removing a plant from the soil]

Derek (voice over scenes and text): Well, they are going to take a look at all that once again to determine the needs for watering and sunlight.

[scene of a colorful garden arrangement of flowers]

[Text screen: “Services Provided”; “Access the entire property”; “Measure sunlight, watering needs, etc.”]

Little or full sun. They’ll assess the property and determine all that and be able to put it on a plan and tell you exactly what can be done, what plants you can use.

[Text: “Provide a complete plan with options”]

Things that might be annuals; things that might be perennials.

Cameo: What about planning for draining? You know, it rains a lot in the summer. You get puddles all over your lawn. What do y’all do for that?

[scene of a front yard garden arrangement]


Derek (voice over): Once again, look at the grade of the yard and determine if you have any low spots and then see what plan of action needs to take.

[Text Screen: “Service Provided”; “Look at the grade (slope) of your yard”]

You know, as far as maybe re-grading.

[Text: “Re-grading, French drains, etc.; “Designer on site for best results.”]

It may be looking at doing some area drains, French drains, straight, hard drains. I mean, those are all things that the designers come out and take a look at it.

[Text ends]

Cameo: What about lighting design? Is that ever included?

Derek (voice over): Oh, yes.

[scene of outdoor lighting lamps arranged around a walkway]

You know, that just adds to the home and the esthetics of the business and so on.

[Text screen: “Services Provided”]

So they’ll come out and look at it once again.

[Text: Determine power needs & capabilities; “Several lighting options available”]

Start with maybe your power needs to determine what kind of lighting we can do. We have so many choices in the low voltage range. They have so many different kind of LEDs and they’re so high tech now where you can have multiple different colors and phone apps on them and so on.

[Text: “Looks great and helps with security”]

From a security standpoint or an architectural standpoint, so have a designer come out, look at it, and then design a plan for you.

[Text: “Personal consultation with a designer”]
[Text ends]

Cameo: Well, thank you so much, Derek. This is great information. Feel free to go to our blog. We talk a lot about landscaping. There’s lots of before and after pictures about transforming your lawn and call ABC Home Commercial Services. They’ll send a designer to give you the backyard of your dreams.

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