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5 Ways to Prepare Your Yard for Autumn

landscaping houston, lawn care houston Summer is over, but it’s not quite a time to hang up your lawn tools for the year. Here are the final five lawn care tasks you need to complete before winter:

Remove Dead Leaves Immediately

Raking your leaves might sound common sense, but many homeowners put it off until all their trees are completely bare. Trees can drop leaves for more than a month, and they’ll pile up. After a good rain, those leaves will become damp and heavy, and you’ll have difficulty blowing or raking them into a pile.

Try to remove dead leaves at least once a week as soon as they begin dropping, and you’ll split up an enormous task into manageable chunks. Dead leaves will also prevent grass from receiving sunlight, which will decimate your lawn after a few weeks. Fungus and mold will also take their toll.

Eliminate Weeds on Your Lawn

Most plants begin to conserve nutrients in the fall, which is why your grass starts growing at a slower rate. Any herbicide you apply will be much more effective during this time because weeds will store those chemicals for a more extended period, and you’ll be able to clear your yard of pesky dandelions and other weeds quickly.

Wait a few weeks after applying herbicide, and sprinkle some grass seed in bare spots. You’ll succeed better using an all-in-one grass seed product that includes fertilizer.


At the same time that you fill in bare spots, apply fertilizer to the rest of your lawn. Choose a product with high phosphorus, which boosts root growth. Potassium is also essential as it will help your grass survive drought and fungus. Unlike a fertilizer designed for summer growth, your fall fertilizer doesn’t need much nitrogen, which promotes leaf development.

Lower Your Mower’s Deck

It’s a good idea to raise your mower deck during the summer to help your yard retain moisture, but you should lower it when the temperature drops. Shorter grass can better withstand the weight of leaves and snow, which will help your lawn spring back to life in March or April.

Trim Dead Branches

Dead branches are ugly but also a hazard to your home. If you don’t remove them, they can easily fall on your car, shed, or house, and you could pay thousands for repairs. Remove branches that you can easily reach yourself, and if your trees need some serious trimming, consider hiring a professional tree service.

If you live in Houston and need some help around the yard, contact us at ABC Home & Commercial Services. We provide pest control, lawn care, and swimming pool maintenance services and help prepare your home for fall.

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