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Do I Need Surveillance Cameras with My Alarm System?

Both alarms and surveillance cameras can prevent vandalism and theft. Security alarms only alert the police when thieves enter a building without permission. Video cameras can provide footage of crimes, regardless of how the perpetrators gain entry. Many businesses utilize surveillance cameras, but people can also use them for home security. Using cameras in conjunction with an alarm has several pros and cons.

Security cameras deter crime when they are visible to the public. Thieves cannot be assured that their crimes will go undetected if the home or business owner is absent. Cameras can also help police identify criminals. When a break-in occurs, camera footage may reveal the guilty party. It can also become helpful when customers, employees, contractors or visitors commit theft. If an item goes missing, a building owner can consult camera footage to help him recognize the perpetrator.

Surveillance cameras do have some disadvantages. They consume a lot of electricity, and it costs a substantial amount of money to purchase, install, and maintain them. In some cases, cameras aren’t effective. Criminals occasionally succeed in destroying them or blocking their lenses. Burglars can also wear masks to hide their identities. However, thieves only use these techniques during break-ins. Security cameras can still help identify shoplifters or dishonest guests.

People can present camera footage as evidence in court. Police in New York City use security camera footage in 9 out of every 20 criminal convictions, according to AM New York. A home or business monitoring center can utilize a camera to determine if it should contact the police when an alarm is triggered. Video cameras have become more sophisticated in recent years. They store footage digitally, so there’s no need to buy tapes. Some models also feature zoom capabilities.

Although it’s more expensive, combining a surveillance camera and an alarm offers superior protection. When the police identify and apprehend a criminal, it prevents future crimes and allows victims to recover stolen items. For more information about purchasing a Houston security system or surveillance camera, call ABC Home & Commercial Services at (281) 730-9500. We can help local residents obtain many effective business and home security products to protect themselves and their belongings.

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