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Preparing the plans for an Houston landscape design of your yard can be daunting, but starting with the basics can take away from of the pressure. The most basic question might be, “What will I plant?” The best choices for North Texas landscaping are the obvious ones: the ones that can handle this Texas heat! So, what are the top 5 Landscape Plants for North Central Texas?


The top 5 perennial Landscape Plants for Central Texas

Salvia (Salvia greggii)
Salvia is native to the Trans Pecos of Texas, favoring the limestone outcrops and canyon lands of the area. Salvia comes in a wide variety of colors from white, to pinks and reds. It is a small, shrubby plant with fragrant leaves. The flowers bloom all summer long and into the fall. It prefers full sun. With too much shade it will become leggy. Cut it back to the main stem in January or February, to create full, new growth each year.

Mealy Blue Sage (Salvia farinacia)
Mealy blue sage is a beautiful purple-blue color and blooms throughout the summer. It will grow to about 2 feet in height and prefers full sun to partial shade. Mixed with salvia greggii, a red, white and blue landscape can be created.

Lantana (Lantana spp.)
Technically this is a naturalized plant, meaning it is not native to Texas, but now makes Texas its home. Lantana is native to South America. Lantana makes an excellent ground cover, growing low and spreading year after year. The low, spreading varieties are white, cream, yellow, and purple. A more upright variety comes in a mottled pink or orange coloration. Lantana is a popular landscaping plant in Saudi Arabia, which is a testament to its heat tolerance.

Cenizo or Texas Sage (Leucophyllum frutescens)
Cenizo is a medium-sized shrub which can reach 5-6 feet tall. It has a dense covering of silvery-green leaves and blooms with lovely lavender flowers. Flowers will bloom on and off throughout the spring and summer, depending on conditions. Cenizo prefers full sun and well drained soil. It makes a great border hedge. Deer resistant.

Turk’s Cap (Malvaviscus drummondii )
Turk’s cap is a versatile flowering perennial that grows from full shade to full sun. It can grow up to 4 feet tall and produces deep red blooms similar to a partially opened rose. Its foliage is a deep green with roundish leaves. It grows wonderfully underneath oak trees. Deer  resistant.


These 5 perennials will give a great start to any Central Texas landscape, and years of color, drought resistance and pleasure.

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