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Landscape Tree Lighting Tips and Ideas

A house with landscape tree lighting

Have you dreamed of having a beautifully curated lawn that adds to your home’s curb appeal? One of the best ways to accentuate your lawn is to use landscape tree lighting.

Highlighting your trees with in-ground spotlights creates a beautiful ornamental centerpiece on your lawn. You can also use downward lights to create unique effects and add light to dark areas of your lawn.

Besides adding visual interest at night, landscape lighting also increases your home’s security and makes it more welcoming. You can also use outdoor light to accentuate other areas of your lawn, such as your plants and flower beds, deck, pergola and pool.

Finally, small walkway lights create a beautiful effect on your lawn. They even make it safer to navigate dark pathways. Follow the tips below to create a stunning visual effect with landscape accent lighting in your yard. Then, contact a professional landscaper to create a customized outdoor lighting plan for your lawn.

How to Use Landscape Tree Lighting to Accentuate Your Trees

There are four main ways to accentuate your trees using landscape lighting: uplighting, spotlighting, silhouetting and downlighting.

Tips for Uplighting Trees

Uplighting your trees is the quickest way to highlight your lawn and draw attention to your beautiful trees. However, there are multiple ways that you can use the uplighting technique.

First, you can try the simplest method and place one in-ground light at the base of your tree right next to the trunk. This creates an upward beam of light that accentuates the shape of your tree. Lawn care professionals often use this method with small and thin trees to add a dramatic effect that helps them appear larger.

The next way to uplight a tree is to use two or more in-ground lights on all sides of the tree trunk. This method evenly lights full-grown trees that have large trunks and full branches. Keep the lights close to the tree’s base and point them directly upward into the tree.

Another option is to place the in-ground lights away from the tree trunk and point them at a 45-degree diagonal angle toward the tree. This method will create interesting shadows and give your lawn a dramatic flare. It’s also a great way to amplify larger trees.

Tips for Spotlighting Trees

Spotlighting your trees is similar to uplighting, but it takes the drama up a notch. Spotlights are brighter lights that help add security to your lawn and light an area otherwise covered in darkness.

Use multiple spotlights around the base of your tree, but plant them further away than the last uplighting method. Instead of pointing them towards the tree at a 45-degree angle, point them up higher into the tree trunk. This will eliminate shadows and put more emphasis on accentuating the tree.

There are several types of spotlights, and a landscaping professional can help you determine which type is right for your yard. You can use a single spotlight that casts a laser-like beam onto your tree or a rectangular light that adds more dispersed light.

Tips for Silhouetting Trees

If you have a large tree that sits a few feet in front of a fence, garage or house exterior, you can use landscape lighting to create a beautiful silhouette. Simply plant an in-ground light in front of the tree towards the wall to create the silhouette backdrop.

You can play with how you angle the light to adjust the size of the shadow. If the shadow is too large and dramatic for your taste, add more lights to tone it down.

To turn the drama up a notch, use a large floodlight instead of a spotlight. Place it further back from the tree to create a huge shadow and spread more light. This method is both visually interesting and an easy way to amp up the security around your home.

Tips for Down Lighting Trees

The final way to accentuate your trees with landscape lighting is to light them from a downward angle. This method is more labor-intensive and requires a ladder. Call a lawn care specialist to do it for you with ease.

To downlight a tree, place multiple spotlights in the tree trunk to highlight the branches. You can experiment with how you angle the lights and their intensity. Try pointing them in different directions to create an interesting contrast.

Another fun method is to use a swiveling downward light instead of stationary lights. Secure the light in the tree trunk and point it downwards towards the ground. This will accent the beautiful foliage and create visual interest with movement. The swivel effect is another great way to add security to your home and deter unwanted visitors.

You can also downlight a tree by securing a light to a nearby wall, roofline or fence. Point the light towards your tree at a 30-degree angle to create a focal point in your yard. You can use a stationary light or a swivel light for this method. Either way, it will cast a beautiful beam through your tree’s foliage.

landscape accent lighting on a home

More Ways to Use Landscape Accent Lighting

There are endless options for highlighting your lawn with landscape accent lighting. With the help of a professional landscaper, you can have the curated yard you’ve always dreamt of having.

For starters, you can use landscape lights on more than just your trees. You can use small spotlights to highlight your plants and flower beds. Use the up-lighting of spotlighting technique to create beautiful light beams and dancing shadows. You can also use in-ground spotlights to highlight your home’s exterior.

Consider hanging delicate lanterns on your home’s exterior to add soft lighting to your front or back lawn. They look beautiful on overhangs and archways, and they bring focus to your home’s architecture.

In the backyard, consider adding outdoor wall lights and sconces. This will make it easier to enjoy your outdoor living space at nighttime. You can add outdoor sconces to your fence, pergola or any outdoor wall. They will create a romantic glow and make it easier to navigate your lawn when it gets dark.

Another way to illuminate your backyard is by stringing up beautiful bistro lights. A string of lights will evenly light your lawn and make it easier to see. This method blends beauty and function and is perfect for homeowners who love hosting gatherings in their yards.

pathway lights

Landscape Lighting Ideas for Walkways

You can also use landscape accent lights to illuminate the walkways in your front and back lawns. They provide the necessary light to easily navigate your walkways in the dark. However, they are not purely for functional purposes. Walkway lights create a stunning effect on your lawn.

The most common way to light up your walkway is to plant several in-ground lights in the grass along your path. Choose small lights with a low voltage to create a subtle glow from your front door to the end of the pathway.

You can also use pathway lights to illuminate the path to your garage, pool, bench or other important areas in your yard. They are great for illuminating hard-to-see walkways, like stone paths. You can even use in-ground lights to create a pathway in the grass to guide guests from one part of your lawn to another.

Most walkway lights are now solar-powered, which makes for easy upkeep. They will light up as soon as the sun sets, so you don’t have to worry about turning them on and off, and they don’t require complicated wiring.

Another way to light up walking areas is to install deck or patio lights in your backyard. Installing recessed lights into your deck flooring is an easy way to increase safety at night. You can even install them in your stairsteps to make navigating the deck in the dark easier. Plus, they can illuminate your garden and add an interesting visual effect.

Pathways lights come in various decorative designs so that you can choose a style that matches your home. A lawn care professional can help you strategically and beautifully illuminate your outdoor pathways.

Light Up Your Lawn Today

Adding landscape tree lighting to your front or back yard highlights the beauty of your lawn at all times of the day. You can use a variety of lights and methods to create a custom look that accentuates the most beautiful parts of your home.

Landscape accent lighting can also highlight other areas of your lawn, such as your plants, patio and pool. Lighting is also a strategic way to add necessary illumination for safety and security purposes.

You can have the perfectly curated and manicured lawn of your dreams with landscape lighting. Contact a professional for landscaping services to bring your vision to life and light up your lawn.

ABC Can Beautifully Light Up Your Yard 

If you’re ready to experience the elevated touch that outdoor lighting adds while enjoying the benefits of functional lights, contact the landscaping professionals at ABC Home & Commercial Services. Our experienced team members can implement your lighting vision and advise you on what would work best for your yard. They can even offer suggestions for other areas of your home, like landscape lighting around your pool.

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