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Common Signs of a Roach Infestation

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The sight of a roach inside your house is a feeling of dread many homeowners across the United States know well. Roaches are a common pest control challenge for homeowners, regardless of how clean their homes are.

These pests may sneak into your home and hide out for a long time before you ever find evidence of their presence. Roaches like American cockroaches or German cockroaches are known to spread disease. These pests are a threat to the comfort and health of your family.

Any homeowner who has dealt with a roach problem knows how difficult it is to get rid of these pests once and for all. You may also be wondering, “Why are roaches so hard to kill?” or “Does vinegar kill roaches?” Learning more about the common signs of a roach infestation can help you spot these infuriating insects before you find a roach in your home.

What Are the Signs of a Roach Infestation?

Roaches prefer wet and dark environments with access to food sources. This makes kitchens and bathrooms a prime location for roaches to live. Unfortunately, roaches are very attracted to your kitchen because it’s filled with food for them to eat. Any area with water access is a possible habitat for roaches.

Because they are active at night, sometimes roaches will hurry back under a dark surface if you turn on a light. They try to avoid being around people, but if the infestation is bad enough, you are likely to see live roaches. This is a sign that roaches have made your home their home.

Some other common signs of a roach infestation include small smear marks along your walls and an unpleasant musty smell. You may see roach droppings the size of ground coffee grounds on the floor, on countertops or in cupboards.

Other signs of a roach infestation include discarded skins, eggs or dead roaches. You may find these remains in crevices between appliances or cracks in your walls or floors. Roaches often hide behind stoves and refrigerators.

Different Types of Roaches In the United States

Two of the most common types of roaches in the southern United States are American cockroaches and German cockroaches.

American cockroaches are large in size at around 1.5 to 2 inches with functional wings. You can often find them outdoors or in and around sewers. American cockroaches are highly resilient and can live for up to two years.

Homeowners frequently find German cockroaches in their houses. This is the most prevalent species of roach globally. Less than an inch in size, these roaches are smaller than American cockroaches. They have wings that they do not use.

Roaches can come inside your home through cracks, pipes, or in boxes and bags. American cockroaches come inside when they need more food or when the weather becomes colder. Usually, German cockroaches are found in kitchens and bathrooms because they seek out humidity.

Because of their size, German and American cockroaches are very noticeable. Still, their ability to travel quickly makes them hard to kill.

Why Homeowners Struggle with Roaches

Finding roaches in your home can be terrifying. Roaches hide in tight spaces and dark corners, especially in cabinets and around appliances. They seek shelter in hard-to-reach areas. Often homeowners cannot find all the spaces that should be treated.

Your best line of defense against these nasty pests is to call a professional for pest control services. Experts will be able to quickly determine which type of roach has infested your home. A professional pest control company can put in place a solution that will control the roaches and keep them away from your home. If you are concerned about the threat of a roach infestation, contact a pest control expert right away.

Many homeowners across the nation struggle with this issue. Having roaches does not indicate how clean your home is. You haven’t done anything wrong, and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Once you know there is a problem, it is important to request help from a pest control professional quickly before the infestation gets worse.

Why Are Roaches So Hard to Kill?

Many homeowners fight roaches for months without results. Three factors make a roach infestation challenging to end—resistance to insecticides, anatomy and breeding habits. Homeowners can benefit from a better understanding of the ways that roaches avoid death.

The Difficulties of Controlling German Roaches

Popular roach control treatments include repellent sprays, traps and baits. Sprays may prevent roaches from coming near certain surfaces in your home. Traps invite roaches inside where they are killed. Baits tempt roaches to carry toxic substances back to other roaches.

In recent years, German cockroaches in the United States have become more resistant to insecticides. The types of sprays and traps that attracted and killed German cockroaches a few decades ago no longer work.

This can be frustrating to homeowners who feel they cannot control a roach infestation on their own. A pest control expert will be aware of these adaptations and have access to the most effective pest treatments.

How the Anatomy of Roaches Makes Them Hard to Kill

Roaches have flat torsos, six thin legs and a plated back. They vary in color from black, brown or red. Roaches use their antennae to move around in the dark in search of food. Some roaches have wings but not all can use them.

Roach exoskeletons make them difficult to kill. This tough but flexible exterior protects them from being crushed. If their limbs are destroyed, roaches can grow new ones. Even if you stamp a roach with your foot, often they can survive and heal their bodies.

Roach bodies adapt to survive harsh circumstances. Their immune systems are powerful enough to break down toxins that they come in contact with. This is why attempting to control your roach infestation alone will likely be unsuccessful.

The Breeding Habits of Roaches

Roaches breed often, which is why it is challenging to find or kill the roaches in your home. German cockroaches are especially quick to breed. In a year’s time, six generations of German cockroaches may breed in your home.

Roaches carry many germs which cause disease across the surfaces of your home. They expose your family to life-threatening illnesses. The more roaches in your home, the bigger the risk to your health and comfort.

Does Vinegar Kill Roaches?

Some homeowners turn to “natural” solutions to their roach infestation, like vinegar. They worry about using roach control chemicals in their houses. White vinegar is a popular method people use to prevent roaches. Unfortunately, vinegar does not kill roaches.

The Effectiveness of Vinegar for Deterring Roaches

Cleaning with household vinegar is not effective at killing roaches. Yet this approach can be helpful for keeping roaches away. Having cleaner dishes and kitchen surfaces will give roaches less food to consume, meaning they are less likely to bother you. Vinegar does not kill roaches, but it kills some disease-causing bacteria that roaches bring into your home.

Cleaning Basics to Prevent Roaches

While vinegar will not rid your home of roaches, there are some simple steps you can take to prevent roaches from coming into your home.

Doing the dishes and taking out the trash frequently reduces the amount of food roaches can access. Make sure to clean your countertops and stovetop after cooking and wipe down your table after a meal. If your pets do not drink or eat overnight, consider taking up and emptying their bowls before bed.

Look around your home for places where roaches could possibly enter. Doors and windows should be sealed to prevent entrance. Remove firewood and trash sitting against your house.

Yet cleaning alone will not be enough to get rid of roaches. These suggested practices may help prevent roaches, but you cannot clean away an infestation. Targeted pest control services are needed to eliminate these pests.

The Benefits of Ongoing Pest Control Services

Finding a pest control company you can trust can be intimidating. You want professionals to be highly experienced when dealing with a roach control problem in a sensitive area like your kitchen.

Consulting a pest control expert minimizes your family’s exposure to harmful chemicals while maximizing results. If you try to put in place pest control solutions on your own, you will likely have to treat your home many times. Instead of wasting your time and money, rely on a professional who can address the root of the problem.

Look for pest control experts who listen to customer concerns and communicate clearly. It may also be helpful to find a provider that performs regular pest control check-ups and maintenance. Regular pest control services may prevent your roach problem from coming back.

For the quickest and easiest solution, contact a professional pest control company. If they offer this service, sign up for an ongoing pest treatment plan.

ABC Can Get Your Roach Problem Under Control

We understand how disheartening it can be when you can’t seem to get rid of roaches. ABC Home & Commercial Services can help. Our pest control experts will create a comprehensive cockroach control plan, so you can feel more at ease at home.

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