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ABC is a great company and I cannot complain about any of the services we have had. Our technician Danny is very professional and prompt. We can always count on him to show up on time and do his job thoroughly. We always appreciate the hard work that he puts in!

- Elaine B., December 2016
What happens during the initial inspection?

We will send a licensed pest control Orlando specialist to your home to conduct a thorough inspection of your entire property. We offer this service free of charge to all new customers. The inspector will look for the following:

  • Location and overall condition of your property, which helps us identify your specific needs
  • Damage associated with pests
  • Other signs of the presence of infestation
  • Structural or sanitation issues that might be encouraging or enabling pests

With this information, we will create a customized pest treatment plan for your property.

What pests can you treat in Orlando?

Orlando’s humid climate offers an enticing environment for a wide range of pests. Many of them are all too familiar to long-term residents.

Palmetto Bugs

Palmetto bugs and other roaches are just about everywhere in Orlando, but you don’t have to accept them into your home. We use a combination of residual materials to treat for palmetto bugs.

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Ants are tiny, but they work in enormous teams. Wherever you see one ant, many more are certain to be nearby. Some ants live inside your house, where they might be drawn to your food. Carpenter ants can live inside your walls and cause damage similar to the damage caused by termites. Fire ants and other types of ants may build colonies in your yard, which can damage your landscaping. How we treat your ant problem depends on the type of ants we find.

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Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and ticks usually enter homes by hitching a ride on other animals. You don’t need to have pets to have a flea or tick problem, though, since they can also arrive via rodents and other pests. In addition to pest control treatment, ridding a home for fleas and ticks also requires treating the animals that brought them. If these are your pets, your veterinarian can advise you of the best method for flea and tick control. If a rodent brought the fleas or ticks, we can trap and remove them while also blocking access points into your home.


Spiders typically do not cause as much damage to your property as other pests. That said, cobwebs are not pleasant to look at, some spiders have an unpleasant or even venomous bite, and spider phobias are reason enough to rid them from your property. A regular pest control schedule can keep spiders at bay.

Are the product you use friendly for pets and children?

We use a variety of pest control products, all of which are designed to treat your pest problems with as little impact as possible to the environment, your family, and your pets. Using an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, we look at your pest issue holistically. Many pest problems are best handled with preventative measures, such as keeping certain areas clean and blocking points of entry into your home. Whenever we can, we use treatments that do not involve pesticides, such as heat remediation treatments for bed bugs and humane traps for squirrels, raccoons, and other critters.

How often will my home need service?

This depends on the type of pest problems you are facing as well as the method we are using to treat them. We offer a variety of plans for ongoing pest control service.

We always recommend follow-up inspections to keep your property as free of pests as possible, but some types of pests may require follow-up care. For example, when treating termites, we recommend ongoing monitoring to make sure all termites have been eliminated and to guard against their return.

What other areas does ABC Pest Control Orlando Service?

Surrounding Service Areas

ABC Home & Commercial Services provide our full array of pest, rodent and lawn care services to the surrounding Orlando areas:

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