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Do you offer free estimates?

Yes! After you contact us, we'll set up a time for one of our inspectors to meet you at your home to get measurements of the area you'd like converted to artificial turf and a better understanding of what you'd like done and any other information we need about your yard's features. Once we have gathered all of that information, we will send you a free, no-hassle estimate. Once you approve the scope of work, we will plan a time for the service to be done.


How do I know if artificial turf is right for my yard?

Artificial turf is a great alternative to having grass. The most common reasons our customers ask us to install artificial grass include:

  • Improved appearance all year when compared to dead or dying grass that might get patchy or be vulnerable to disease.
  • Low maintenance requirements which free up time to spend on other things.
  • Lower water bills, particularly since the shift to artificial turf can cut residential usage by as much as 50%.
  • More resilient to wear and tear from foot traffic, as well as activity from children and pets.
  • Better drainage in yards with pools or where water may collect, leading to pest issues and other problems.
  • Increased enjoyment of sections of your outdoor spaces for specialized uses, including putting greens and dog runs.
What are the steps involved in having artificial turf installed?

Unlike some home projects that can be performed by handy homeowners, installing artificial turf is best left to the pros. Our experienced technicians will make sure all the edges are tucked correctly and that the binding of the joints is done just right so that your new turf looks perfect. We'll also make sure to use the same spool or run for your job, so your new lawn will have the same color and texture throughout.

the border of artificial turf at the edge of a yard with other landscaping

Our process to install your artificial turf involves 7 steps.


We typically recommend removing around four inches of existing sod, soil and roots to create a level surface. When we remove these materials, we will be extremely careful to avoid any damage to electric, gas or water lines.

Preparing the Base

To bring your lawn up to its previous height, we will spread around four inches of crushed granite evenly across the project area, tamping until compact and smooth, to allow for proper drainage and installation. If needed, we would install any bender board during this stage.

Rolling Out the Turf

Next, we will roll out the turf, paying careful attention to align the seams and secure them with seam tape or turf glue.

Cutting to Fit

Using specialized tools, we then cut the turf to your desired dimensions, leaving a small amount of excess.

Securing in Place

We'll then pin your new turf along the perimeter, tucking the excess neatly into the border.

Spreading Infill

Based on your needs, we'll recommend a type of infill and the amount needed and spread this across the surface.

Grooming Turf Blades

To get your new turf looking picture-perfect, we'll use a broom or brush to get your blades to the desired angle. 

Once that's done, all you'll have to do is enjoy your new lawn!

Do you have a guarantee for these services?

Yes! The products we install have a 100% lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

What is the artificial turf made of?

Modern-day turf, including the products we use, are created from renewable resources. This generation of artificial turf contains 70% less petroleum than its predecessors. Both the turf and the infill are made from non-toxic ingredients. In many cases, these materials are recycled.

I've heard that artificial turf causes a build-up of bacteria and odors from pet waste. Is that true?

This is one of the most common myths about artificial turf. One of the inlays available contains a neutralizing agent, which can make your new yard ideal for your furry family members.

Can you work on my yard while I'm not at home?

Once your initial consultation is complete, we can schedule a time to return to install your artificial turf, even if you will be away at work. All we'll need from you is any information about accessing your development or yard, whether that's gate codes or any other special instructions.

Do you offer commercial services?

Yes! Our technicians are skilled at installing artificial turf on commercial properties in Houston, as well as in residential areas. The same benefits of artificial turf that make it great for residential purposes—that it's low maintenance and stays green year-round, for starters—also make it a great choice for apartment buildings, schools, retail spaces and other types of facilities.


Why should I choose ABC?

Our customers tell us that they choose ABC because of our decades of experience helping homeowners in Texas. We have been providing Texas homeowners with top-notch services and customer service for over 70 years. Our customers trust that the technicians coming to work on their home are the best of the best. They tell us that they appreciate that all of our employees undergo a drug test and background check before being hired. 

Ultimately, our customers count on us to treat their homes with the same care and attention that we would our own. That means that while your ABC technician is working at your home, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands. If you'd like, you can stick around, but you can also feel free to take care of errands, take the kids to the Houston Zoo, spend the afternoon at the Children’s Museum, or go for a stroll on the beach at Galveston and we'll keep you updated on where we are with your projects while you're away.

I'm outside of the Houston city limits. Can you service my area?

We can install artificial turf in the following communities in the greater Houston metro:

  • Atascocita




  • Deer Park

  • Dickinson



  • Hockley



  • Jersey Village

  • KATY


  • Lake Jackson


  • Memorial

  • Missouri City



  • Piney Point Village


  • Rosenberg

  • Sienna Plantation


  • Stafford



  • West University