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ABC does a comprehensive survey, suggests a plan and executes well. They have not needed access to the inside of my home after the first service, which is great with dogs. Jerry is always our tech and he communicates with me every time he visits my home. He does a fantastic job.

- Steve S., January 2020
How much will it cost to remove my tree?

The cost to remove a tree is based on a number of factors. To give you the most accurate estimate, when you call ABC, we will send an inspector to your property. The inspector will take a closer look at the tree you would like to have removed, address any concerns or questions you may have and tell you more about what you can expect if you choose ABC for tree removal.

After this free consultation, ABC will send you a no-obligation estimate. Once you approve this estimate, we will contact you to schedule a time to have the work done. 

How does your tree removal service work?

ABC’s certified arborists can safely handle the removal of most types of trees from your property.

Tree Removal Houston

The steps to remove a tree include:

  • Conducting a thorough site assessment to determine what steps need to be taken to lessen any potential impact to nearby trees, fence lines, landscaping, power lines, cars or sheds.

  • Pruning any hanging or dead branches that are likely to fall as the tree is being removed.

  • Undercutting and backcutting the tree in the direction the tree should fall to prevent any potential problems during the removal process.

  • Limbing the tree to remove branches from the trunk.

  • Cutting the trunk into right-sized pieces for firewood, if you desire, and cutting and bundling branches so that they can be put out with your tree waste for disposal.

  • Cleaning up your yard of any remaining limbs and branches.

Can you advise me on whether my tree needs to be removed?

Removing a tree is a big decision, and ABC is happy to advise you on whether or not your tree is posing a potential danger to your home or family. Our tree experts can diagnose and treat any tree conditions or diseases which your tree might be suffering from. If you’d like to avoid removing a tree, we can suggest alternatives if our experts determine the tree is a low risk of falling.

Why might a tree need to be removed?

Some of the reasons you might want to remove a tree include:

  • When a tree becomes seriously damaged during a storm or weather-related event

  • If a tree outgrows its intended footprint and its roots or branches endanger your roof or come close to overhead power lines

  • When the costs of repeatedly removing dead wood become more expensive than removing the entire tree

  • If the tree is an undesirable species, which could mean that it is non-native and requires more water, is more vulnerable to disease or pest infestations or if it drops a large amount of debris in your yard

  • An assessment from a tree expert which indicates that 50% or more of the tree is damaged or if over 25% of the trunk shows signs of disease or decay

  • A hollow trunk, large dead branches, a leaning tree or a concentration on dead limbs on one side of your tree

Does ABC’s tree care team include certified arborists?

ABC’s tree care team includes certified arborists, so our customers benefit from the best and up-to-date knowledge on tree biology and environmental factors which impact tree growth and health. The industry-related certifications and accreditations which our staff hold include:

  • International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist

  • Texas Oak Wilt Qualified

  • Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) Commercial Pesticide Applicator

Knowing why and how to remove a tree requires specialized knowledge, so Houston homeowners trust their tree care to ABC. In addition, our company is proud to be a member of the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) and the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

ISA Certified Arborist Oak Wilt Certified

What weather and environmental conditions can cause significant damage to my trees?

Here in Houston, we experience a variety of weather-related events which can lead to enough damage which may force you to make a decision about whether your tree needs to be removed.

Weather and environmental conditions which can contribute to tree damage with the potential for removal include:


Although the Houston area receives significant rainfall as a result of its geography, the area’s trees are still reeling from the impact of the recent prolonged drought. In East Texas alone, forestland losses due to drought were estimated to equal over $500 million. Many trees sustained significant damage from a lack of moisture and have not yet recovered.


Our trees in Houston not only suffer when it doesn’t rain, but also when it rains too much. Hurricanes can bring heavy rains to the greater Houston area, which can result in tree damage and unexpected removal costs. The surge of saltwater after Hurricane Ike alone killed an estimated 40,000 trees in the Galveston area, which was roughly half of the area’s tree cover.


Tornadoes can sometimes accompany other severe weather events in Texas. These powerful weather events, which occur in the Houston area, can break a tree’s main limbs, twist and separate the fibers in a tree’s trunk, cause root damage and leave behind significant wounds.


Very rarely does it get very cold here in Houston, but when it does, our trees can suffer. The added weight of ice during a winter storm can cause a tree’s limbs to break or even fall completely, making it necessary for the tree to be removed.


Texas leads the country in an unfortunate statistic: we see the most flood-related deaths and damage. Excessive rain can alter soil conditions, disrupt the gas exchange between plants and the larger environment, increase sediment levels and cause physical damage to a tree. These weather events can also weaken a tree, which can make the plant more vulnerable to other problems, including disease and pest infestation.

Pest Infestations

Weather events aren’t the only culprit in your tree being weakened to the point that it needs to be removed. Pest infestations can compromise your tree’s ability to draw water and nutrients from the soil. Some insects bore into your tree’s trunk, which can cause structural damage. If this damage goes unchecked, pest infestations can be severe enough to kill your tree. Although thousands of different insect species can damage your trees, two of the most destructive pests we see here in the Houston area are the emerald ash borer and the soapberry borer.

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