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Bed Bugs Want Your Home for the Winter

bed bugs are extremely hard to remove without the help of a professional pest control company abc houstonHere comes the cold weather. It ends outdoor activities and begins an indoor migration of pests looking for somewhere to hide from the inclement weather. Bed bugs think your house would make a great winter home, and they have ways to get inside it. Once they breach your castle walls, they’re extremely hard to remove without the help of a professional pest control company.

ABC Home and Commercial Services of Houston employs the latest technology and some old-school tricks. We use a dog to check your home for bed bugs. Dogs can take one sniff and know if your home has an infestation of bloodsuckers. You might have suspicions, but our dog knows if and where bed bugs are hiding in your home.

Once we find the bed bugs, we don’t use pesticides to kill them because bed bugs hide in tiny crevices and cracks in the walls and furniture. Pesticides can’t reach them in their hideouts, but heat remediation can and does. It’s the most effective and safe way to rid your home of these pests. It requires less preparation than pesticides and is less bothersome to you. Bed bugs can be eradicated in just one visit in most cases. Pesticide applications require three or more treatments to achieve the same results as in just one.

The best thing about heat remediation is that it kills all stages of bed bugs. The heat destroys adult bugs, their eggs, and the nymphs. After we leave, they won’t be coming back. Bed bugs die at around 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Our system of heaters and fans will raise the temperature to around 140 degrees. That’s hot enough to incinerate all the bed bugs in your home, no matter where they’re hiding. There is no equal to heat remediation when it comes to killing bed bugs.

If you’re suffering from an infestation of bed bugs, call ABC Home & Commercial Services in Houston. One of our technicians will come over to check your home. We’ll let you know if we find bed bugs and give you a free quote for removing them.

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