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Henry & Jermaine did an absolutely superlative job! My lawn has not looked this good in years. They even helped me feed my dog her heartworm meds. It's wonderful to see young men this compassionate. They should be cloned. Before the crew left, they told me, "Anything you need, just tell us and we'll take care of it."

- Rae W., June 2013
What sprinkler parts can ABC install or repair?

ABC can install, repair, or replace all working parts of a lawn sprinkler system: heads, water pipes, valves, sprinkler timers, and more! With efficient sprinkler installation methods, Houston homeowners can rest easy in knowing that our Houston Irrigation team is up for any sprinkler system challenge! 

What does ABC’s Sprinkler maintenance services include?

ABC will ensure your Houston sprinkler or irrigation system is running smoothly by checking all the parts of your sprinkler system, adjusting and cleaning sprinkler heads, and if necessary, adjusting and reprogramming the sprinkler timer so that it’s more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Each maintenance visit from the ABC Houston Sprinkler team is focused on what your sprinkler system needs to perform at its best as well as save on Houston water bills. 

Can ABC create a maintenance schedule?

ABC Houston can schedule regular service visits. Our annual sprinkler system service agreement ensures the worry free working of your sprinkler system. Our irrigation repair professionals