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For the most reliable service that you can ever receive, you can count on ABC. They came over to advise me about my pool, fixed the multi-port filter and then also had a crew that cleaned and vacuumed my pool. If I could show you a picture of my pool from beginning to end, all you'd say is truly wow. 

- Theodis H., May 2020
What are the steps involved in having my pool plastered?

To provide you with a smooth, attractive new surface for your pool, ABC’s pros will be working for two days. On the first day, our technicians will:

  • Drain all the water from your pool

  • Release hydrostatic pressure by drilling holes in the bottom of your pool

  • Use a saw cutter to remove plaster below the tile line

  • Acid wash your pool

  • Neutralize the surface

  • Prepare the surface for the new plaster

  • Remove plaster from around fixtures and hollow spots

  • Apply a substrate to help the new plaster bond

Pool plastering Houston

On the second day, we will:

  • Fill hydrostatic holes

  • Apply new plaster to the entire surface of your pool

  • Install a new anti-vortex plate to the main drain cover

  • Reinstall any pool lighting

  • Refill the pool  

How much does replastering a pool cost?

The cost of having your pool replastered depends on the size of your pool, the time it takes to remove your loose plaster and the finish you choose. Many colors and varieties of finishes are now available. You can choose from marble, quartz or pebble finishes.

ABC will give you a no-obligation estimate to get your pool replastered. Our inspector will take a look at your pool, learn more about the finish you desire and tell you how much the project will cost and how long it will take to complete. Once you approve the estimate, we can schedule the work to begin.

How do I know when I need to have my pool replastered?

Although the plaster in every pool will degrade over time, there are many variables which dictate exactly when your pool should be replastered. Some of the signs you may need to consider replastering your pool include mineral stains, patches of exposed gunite, an uncomfortably rough pool floor or the appearance of dirt between cracks you hadn’t noticed along the bottom of your swimming pool.

A pool may need to be replastered in anywhere from seven to twenty years. Stains in isolated areas can sometimes be addressed through on-site applications rather than replastering.

Do I need to be at home when my pool is being replastered?

To be able to give you an accurate estimate and answer all of your questions, we recommend meeting with you during the first visit. When the project is underway, in most cases, homeowners can be at work while your pool is being replastered. We just ask that you provide us with access to your pool area and keep your pets indoors.

After we complete our work, our technicians will provide you with a detailed list of next steps to make any needed adjustments to pool chemicals so you can enjoy your pool again.


What do I need to do after my pool has been replastered?

It takes about a year for your new plaster to fully cure.

After your pool is replastered, your pH levels will quickly rise, so you will need to add pH reducer to the water. For the first month or so, test your pool water daily and give the pool a thorough brushing. Daily brushing will help get plaster dust into your pool filter so it can be backwashed. Your calcium and hardness, alkalinity and chlorine will also need to be adjusted.

Keeping your pool chemicals at recommended levels will extend the life of your pool plaster and keep your pool safe for swimming.

Do I have to retile when I replaster my pool?

Our experienced pool technicians can use a saw cut to chip plaster from the area where the pool meets your tile so you don’t have to retile. You may choose to retile, however, if you pick a plaster finish or color that doesn’t match your existing tile. ABC can help with any sized pool renovation project.

What other pool services can ABC provide?

ABC is a full-service pool provider. That means that we can take care of all of your pool cleaning, make any needed repairs and do any other remodeling work.

Choosing ABC also means you have access to all of ABC’s other home services. Pool owners may also decide to:

Can ABC do pool cleaning and repairs?

ABC is a full-service pool provider. That means that in addition to taking on pool remodeling projects, our expert pool technicians can perform routine cleaning, maintenance and handle any repairs for your pool. 

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