San Antonio Community Involvement video transcript

[Text changes throughout the video]
The title in the middle of the screen says “Community Involvement”
ABC employees wearing matching red “Community Volunteer” t-shirts walk in an event

Text: “Heart Walk”
The event the ABC employees are participating in is called the “Heart Walk”

A child at the event decorates a t-shirt

More ABC employees continue walking down the street, smiling and waving

Text: “Blood Drive”
A blood donation truck is parked in front of an ABC Home & Commercial Services sign

ABC employees donate blood; two employees give a thumbs up

Text: “Kite Festival”
Many colorful kites fly in the sky

A happy young girl face paint at the festival; a montage of photos showing ABC employees and kite flying throughout the day

Text: “Caritas”
Three ABC employees wearing hair nets work inside of a food truck; a montage of photos showing smiling ABC employees working in the food truck

Text: “Any Baby Can benefit”
Two ABC employees wearing red t-shirts for Any Baby Can; a montage of photos showing happy ABC employees wearing the red Any Baby Can t-shirt

Text: “And all the rest…”
A montage of photos showing happy ABC employees volunteering at numerous events

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