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A few months ago, I made the decision to switch pest control companies for the third time in three years. The services of our former pest control company were just plain attrocious. Miss appointments, inconsistent service, and even worse, the infestation just seemed to grow worse by the month. This is even after some stern letters sent straight to their corporate office's CEO. With this, it is now a pleasure to be writing to your company about the service you've provided.

In literally just a few weeks, the pest control problem has almost been completely eliminated, though not without a lot of hard work from your company. Bob Sanders and his team have never missed an appointment, never been late (our appointments are generally at 5am), and even better, his team's hard work has gotten the job done. I have here a 20 year old establishment that is built righ on the water, and I truly never believed that we could almost be completely pest free. Our biggest concerns are now alligator turtles that reside in our pond and prey on our ducks -- A small concern to have. Thank you!