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Protecting Dallas Trees from Twig Girdlers

Twig girdlers are beetles that commonly attack pecan, chinaberry and mimosa trees in North Central Texas. Adult twig girdlers are easy to spot. Their long, brown bodies are anywhere from 1/2″ to 3/4″ long. Their wings are covered in orange, pink or yellow spots.

Twig girdlers are most abundant in the Dallas area between August and October. After mating, female twig girdlers will lay eggs in “V”-shaped notches they have chewed underneath branches. Newly-hatched larvae will feed on the host tree for up to two years. The larvae are not as easy to spot as the adults. This puts homeowners at a disadvantage because once the eggs are laid, adult twig girdlers will not likely hang around.

Damage is not usually noticed until the larvae have been feeding on the host tree for quite some time. Leaves will begin turning and twigs will fall. These parasites cause a great deal of harm to host trees. If you’re seeking a Dallas pest control company, ABC Home & Commercial Services can provide effective solutions for when you notice twig girdler symptoms in your pecan, chinaberry or mimosa trees.

To verify the presence of twig girdlers, the tree owner should look for the “V”-shaped grooves in fallen limbs. After damaged trees have been treated by our expert exterminators in Dallas, it is recommended that fallen tree limbs be burned to eliminate any further damage. Annual treatments may be necessary.

Opting for professional pest control in Dallas can keep pesky twig girdlers at bay. You can also count on area exterminators to control oak wilt and other common tree diseases. Call (469) 549-7300 for reasonable rates and reliable service in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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