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Does ABC provide free inspections here in Benbrook?

Each homeowner faces a slightly different pest control challenge and each infestation is different. That's why ABC's pest control specialists understand that effective treatment hinges on a customized treatment plan. When you contact ABC, we start by scheduling a free inspection so that we can create the most accurate treatment plan for your specific problem. In some cases, we are even able to offer estimates over the phone! However, we typically prefer to see the pest problem first hand. 

During your initial inspection, you can expect your pest control professional to:

  • Talk with you about the pest activity you’re seeing around your property
  • Locate pest entry points and pest activity sites 
  • Assess your property for any pest-related damage 
  • Take note of any unique characteristics that we believe may make your home more appealing to pests 
  • Answer any of your questions about our pest control treatment protocols 

Then, your ABC pest control specialist will provide you with a custom treatment plan along with a set of tips and recommendations tailored to your home and pest problem. Once you approve our estimate, we schedule your first appointment.

Which types of pest problems can ABC address?

With over 70 years of experience in the pest control industry, ABC has handled nearly every kind of pest infestation out there. However, most commonly, we get calls from Benbrook homeowners regarding the following types of pest control: 

A cockroach on a white background

Roach Control

Unfortunately, a single roach scurrying across your floor can indicate that there are plenty more lurking throughout your home. This is why it is important to address cockroach issues as soon as you can. These pests can invade your walls and your pantry and get in your food. Cockroaches can even hide out in dirty laundry piles. Worse, roaches transmit disease-causing bacteria. They also leave behind excrement and dead carcasses, which can cause issues your breathing, as well as allergies. What’s more, their ultra-high adaptability means effective pest control is best left to the professionals. Highly-trained ABC technicians understand cockroach behaviors, lifecycles and nesting patterns, and can use this information to implement methods that get results.

A wasp nest on a house

Bee & Wasp Control

Problems arise when bees and wasps build their nests near the entryways of our homes, patios, decks and eaves. Even an accidental disturbance can trigger an angry attack by these stinging insects. Not only are the consequences quite painful—allergic reactions can be dangerous. Instead of taking a risk with a broom and long-range spray can, reach out to ABC's specialists to remove unwanted nests. During your visit, our experienced specialists will also be able to point out and troubleshoot why your home is attractive to wasps in the first place so that you can prevent future unwelcome guests.

Ants coming out of a colony

Ant Control

For such tiny creatures, fire ants sure can pack a painful punch with those stings. While a couple of ants inside your home don’t initially seem like a major problem, these insects can quickly become a major nuisance and eyesore. Furthermore, every species of ant, even ones that are similar in appearance, have different behaviors and preferences. This means they each require different treatment approaches. ABC will send a pest control specialist to first identify the types of ants invading your home and yard and then suggest the proper treatment plan.

A black widow on a web

Spider & Scorpion Control

The presence of spiders or scorpions on your property can be alarming. Even more so when you consider the fact that there are two species of venomous spiders here in Texas—the brown recluse and the black widow. Unfortunately, without the proper training, it can be difficult to determine whether the spider on your property is venomous or basically harmless. And, most of us would prefer to keep our distance from any types of scorpions. If you’re concerned with the number of spiders or scorpions on your property or if you believe the spiders are venomous, contact ABC. Our highly-trained professionals can implement an ongoing strategy to minimize unwelcome encounters with either of these creatures. 

a subterranean termite on a piece of wood

Termite Control

Termites are extremely destructive pests. As a matter of fact, these pests are responsible for the most costly damage done to homes across Texas annually. The primary reason? More often than not, termites go unnoticed as the subterranean varieties attack our homes from the ground up. If you are concerned about possible termite activity on your property, contact ABC. Our technicians know all of the hard-to-access areas these pests like to hide and can implement scientifically proven methods to control termite colonies. Additionally, we offer an ongoing monitoring service so we can catch signs of termite activity before a full-blown infestation takes place. 

A rat sitting on a metal roof

Rodent & Wildlife Control

Large pests such as rats, mice, raccoons, skunks and possums can wreak havoc on our daily lives. These pests can transmit diseases, damage our belongings, make a mess in our yards and crawl spaces, leave behind a foul smell and even lead to secondary infestations of fleas and ticks. Controlling rodents and wildlife on your own can be a tricky task as their larger size can make it more difficult to trap and remove these creatures. Thankfully, our highly-trained professionals can effectively set traps in high activity areas and then, whenever possible, humanely remove these pests. Once all unwanted wildlife has been removed, we will seal up entry points other creatures could use to gain access to your home. 

A bed bug crawling on skin

Bed Bug Control

Increased travel across the Metroplex is a primary reason bed bugs are in a period of resurgence in Benbrook. These pests are able to hide in the crevices of our bedding and furniture and have even been known to reside along baseboards and in walls. This parasite feeds on you while you sleep, and doesn’t need a blood meal for extended periods of time, meaning that you could still have bed bugs for a prolonged period of time. These are just a few of the reasons bed bugs are some of the most difficult pests to eliminate. Luckily, ABC professionals are trained to pinpoint bed bug nesting areas and can provide effective solutions to any bed bug problems you may face.

A tick crawling on someone's skin

Flea & Tick Control

Fleas can quickly become a large problem for homeowners, as these pests are prolific breeders. The incessant itching that comes with flea bites can be miserable for you and your pets, and can even lead to secondary infections. And while ticks don’t necessarily infest homes, they are capable of transmitting serious diseases to us, such as Lyme disease, in a single bite. Both these pests can be extremely difficult for homeowners to get rid of as they require different methods of treatment at different stages of their life. For a reliable flea and tick control management plan, contact ABC. 

A mosquito biting someone

Mosquito Control

Except for brief periods when we have cooler temperatures, mosquitoes are a fixture from dusk until dawn in Texas. Depending on how close you are to the lake or other natural water sources, these pests can make enjoying your outdoor areas nearly impossible. Besides the real dangers of contracting illnesses like West Nile virus, mosquito bites can cause relentless itching and discomfort. If you’re looking for relief, contact ABC. We can implement mosquito control methods to help halt the development of new mosquitoes as well as eliminate adult mosquitoes.

What is your Signature Service?

ABC incorporates the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) into all our pest control treatment plans. Additionally, with over 70 years of experience in the pest control industry, we have learned about different pest behaviors and habits and we use this knowledge to train our technicians in creating effective, reliable pest control management plans. We have taken this knowledge to create our Signature Services. 

ABC's Signature Service includes:

  • A thorough assessment of your property so we can take note of any changes in the environment that may make you more vulnerable to a pest infestation. 
  • An application of preventative products, as needed. 
  • Targeted solutions applied along your home’s exterior to create a barrier against pests. 
  • A dusting of preventative products around weep holes and air conditioning lines. 
  • Installation of copper wool in potential pest entry points. 
  • Inspection of your attic and crawl spaces to determine if any additional treatments are needed. 

ABC is a QualityPro accredited business and, as part of this accreditation, we have committed to a stringent hiring process. This process includes conducting drug tests, background checks and driving record checks on all job applicants. In addition, all specialists go through regular training and testing to ensure we are providing our customers with the highest quality customer service and pest control service. 

What can you tell me about how friendly the products you use are for pets and children?

ABC is a family-run business that prioritizes the well-being of family members and pets. When we select the products that we use, we only choose those that are specially formulated for residential use and that we would feel comfortable using on our own residences. During your initial inspection, your pest control specialist will determine the lowest concentration of chemicals to use to be low impact and effective. If you have any further questions regarding the products we use or our pest control protocols, your specialist will be happy to answer them.

How often does ABC need to treat my home?

As every pest problem is unique, so is every treatment plan. Your ABC pest control professional will determine how many treatments your property will require when your inspection is complete. The total number of visits we make to your home will vary based on factors such as the type of pest, the level of infestation and the season in which the infestation has taken place. While most homeowners would like to hear that their pest problem will be remedied in just one or two visits, more often than not, pest problems require multiple treatments. Additionally, some pest life cycles are seasonal so we may recommend signing up for routine treatment calls.

Why should I choose ABC for my pest control needs?

ABC has been providing pest control services to homeowners and business owners for over 70 years. With our years of experience, we've learned the best ways to target different types of pests and have learned how different environmental factors can affect pest behavior. Our customers also choose us because they know they can rely on ABC's pest control professionals. All of our job applicants go through an extensive hiring process and are drug tested and background checked. Once a part of the ABC family, our specialists go through an in-house training program to learn everything there is to know about managing pest infestations and providing top-tier customer service. Finally, as a family-run business, you can count on us to treat your home as if it was our own.