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Today I had my 1st home inspection and it went so well! My rep went into detail about what they were going to do and what they do on reoccurring visits. I was given some tips on what to do to prevent little creatures coming to visit my home in the future. I highly recommend using ABC Home & Commercial Services!

- Trish , December 2018
Does ABC provide free pest control inspections in Fort Worth?

Depending on the pest issue you are having, we can provide you with an estimate over the phone.

In some cases, a visual inspection is necessary before treatment can begin to determine the exact pest and the severity of your infestation. Once the inspection is complete, we will provide you with a treatment plan. The next step is to begin treatment and solve your pest issue.

Once the estimate we provided to you is approved and complete, we can begin service immediately.

Which pest control services does ABC provide in Fort Worth?

With decades of experience helping Fort Worth homeowners handle pest infestations, our technicians have the knowledge and te know how to get rid of nearly any type of common household pest. 

Through thorough inspections, tailored treatments and ongoing monitoring, ABC can provide you with top-notch:

Pest Control Fort Worth

Cockroach Control

There are few things that send a shiver down a homeowner's spine quite like the sight of a roach scurrying across the kitchen counter or camping out on the bathroom ceiling. Part of the reason that cockroaches are so universally despised is that they can invade even the cleanest of homes, contaminating food, worsening allergies, spreading illness and destroying paper products in the process. Once you see one cockroach, there is a high likelihood that there are likely many, many more of these creatures lurking in the shadows. ABC's pros can pinpoint exactly where these creatures are hiding and breeding so that treatments target not only mature roaches but also their eggs.

Fort Worth Pest Control

Wasp Removal 

Wasps can put our families at risk when they build nests next to our entryways, decks, patios and eaves. If someone in your home, a neighbor or a visitor comes too close, a painful sting can result—and consequences can be much more serious if someone has an allergy. ABC's experts can help by removing nests and advising you on how to make your property less hospitable for these stinging insects in the future.
Pest Control Fort Worth TX

Ant Control

Ants are everywhere, but that doesn't mean that we want these insects marching in a line on our shower wall or across our kitchen countertop. While some ant species are simply a nuisance, fire ants bite and sting, leaving victims with extremely painful, swollen welts, not to mention erecting unsightly mounds in your yard. ABC's knowledgeable technicians can use targeted treatments to control the ants that are posing a threat to your family so that you won't have to worry about these pests going forward.
Fort Wort TX Pest Control

Spider & Scorpion Control

Two other creatures that most of us living in Fort Worth would rather not come across are spiders and scorpions. While you could find several different varieties of spiders in and around your home, only a few are venomous. If you are like most homeowners, you can't tell which types to be worried about and which are harmless.
Depending on where you live, you may have an unwelcome encounter with a scorpion if you are taking decorations out of storage, getting something out of your back closet or cleaning out your attic. Like spiders, scorpions can and will defend themselves if threatened, which could result in a painful sting, and in some cases, a medical emergency.
ABC's pros can tackle larger infestations and the removal of species of concern, as well as providing you with guidance on the best ways to avoid future run-ins with these creatures.
Termite Control Fort Worth

Termite Control

Sometimes, it's the pests you don't see that are actually the most dangerous. That's certainly the case for subterranean termites, voracious insects which arrive through underground tunnels and are blamed for billions of dollars of structural damage to U.S. homes alone. Termites feast on the wood in your home, and one colony can have up to a million members. Since we don't often see these "silent destroyers", significant damage can be done before homeowners even realize there is a problem. If you think you may have a termite problem, ABC can quickly pinpoint the source of the issue and eliminate the entire colony. Since all homes are at risk, a preventative strategy of quarterly inspections is the best way to protect your biggest investment from these devastating pests.
Rodent Control Fort Worth

Wildlife & Rodent Control

Not all pests are small, nor are they all insects. Mice, rats, opossums, raccoons, squirrels, birds and other animals can disrupt your normal routine by damaging your property and belongings with their powerful jaws, leaving behind droppings which pose serious health risks, putting your home at danger of a fire by chewing through electrical wiring, nesting in crawl spaces and attics and overturning trash and recycling bins. Worse still, these animals can bring in smaller pests on their fur, including fleas and ticks. ABC's experienced technicians can locate and remove these uninvited guests and close any potential entry points so you won't have to worry about any return visitors.
Bed Bug Exterminator Fort Worth

Bed Bug Control

Bed bug populations have surged across the United States, causing government agencies to declare these pests a public health issue. Infestations are on the rise, particularly in areas like Dallas/Fort Worth with lots of travelers. These tiny pests hide in the tiniest cracks in our homes, only to emerge in the dead of night to feed on us while we are resting. Homeowners find it nearly impossible to control these pests on their own, and recurrences are common. The experienced professionals at ABC know exactly where to look to find where these creatures are hiding. Not only will ABC eliminate the infestation, but also our skilled technicians will be there in case the bed bugs return so you and your home will be protected.  
Flea Exterminator Fort Worth

Tick & Flea Control

Across the country, including here in North Texas, flea populations are on the rise, as are the number of individuals infected with tick-borne diseases. Fleas are annoying for your family, but can make your furry family members absolutely miserable, especially if they suffer from flea bite dermatitis. While ticks don't infest homes, just one bite can lead to debilitating conditions, including Lyme disease. 
Both types of parasites can be extremely difficult for homeowners to control on their own. Both fleas and ticks can be re-introduced into your home just after you think you've gotten a problem under control, thanks to a family member or pet bringing a pest back in from your outdoor areas. In addition, certain treatments for both types of creatures may be effective during one life stage but ineffective in others. ABC can help you control an infestation and protect your family and pets from both of these types of pests.
Mosquito Control Fort Worth

Mosquito Control

During certain months of the year, mosquitoes can make spending any time in our Fort Worth yards unbearable. While it's one thing to have to deal with irritating and itchy bites, these bloodsucking pests can also pass along deadly diseases, including the West Nile and Zika viruses. ABC's scientifically proven treatment options can protect your family from these health risks and make spending time outside pleasant again.
What is ABC's Signature Service?

As the largest independently-owned and operated pest control company in the state of Texas, ABC has developed a pest control protocol that works. Our deep understanding of entomology, animal behavior and the larger ecosystems in North Texas inform how we get results. 

Our Signature Services include:

  • An in-depth survey of your home's exterior to note any changes from the initial inspection.
  • The careful administration of targeted treatments, when and as necessary.
  • The creation of a protective barrier around your home's exterior to help you avoid future infestations.
  • Dusting of crevices, holes and cracks with preventative solutions.
  • Adding copper wool and dust to close off any potential entry points.
  • An evaluation of your crawl spaces and attic to identify the need for any targeted treatments in these common problem areas.

As a business which has earned the QualityPro accreditation from the National Pest Management Association, ABC performs criminal background checks on all employees, checks the driving record of technicians and performs drug testing. ABC employees also undergo routine training to keep up to date with the latest developments, lessons learned and research in the pest control industry.

Are ABC's treatments kid, pet and environmentally-friendly?

As a family-owned and run business, the well-being of your children and furbabies is our top priority, as is the condition of the larger ecosystem in the communities we live in and serve. That's why we have painstakingly chosen products that are low-impact while being effective. 

Our treatments are all applied by highly trained, skilled technicians in low concentrations. Products are formulated specifically for residential use and are created to control the specific pest that's giving you problems. Our technicians are happy to answer any questions you might have about the products we are using in your home or address any of your concerns.

How many treatments will you need to perform on my property?

While we wish there were an easy answer to this question, the truth is that every customer's pest problems are slightly different, which is why we prefer a tailored solution. We completely understand that our customers hope that we resolve all infestations in just a visit or two, but the reality is that pest pressure in North Texas is high. We recommend quarterly visits to protect your home and family from the dangers that these pests pose. Through these regular calls, we can make sure we have successfully eliminated all the pests on your property and disrupted the reproductive cycle of the pests, so you don't have to worry about them coming back.

We'll have a much better idea of the duration of your treatment plan after we've had a chance to perform your free inspection. Many of our customers do opt for ongoing pest control services, since pest activity is cyclical and regular monitoring can also address any other creepy crawlies that might want to make your home theirs.

ABC Services In Outlying Areas

While you may know that ABC provides pest control services to home and business owners here in Fort Worth, you may not realize that we also serve the entire metroplex and these outlying communities: