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Detecting Hidden Pests

Some pests are obvious and leave clear signs of entry. However, the less conspicuous pests lurking in the cracks and walls can still cause problems for homeowners.How Do These Pests Get Inside?

Regardless of size, home-invading critters can utilize the smallest cracks and the narrowest holes to enter the home. For example, rodents only need an opening large enough for their skulls, a hole that can be as small as your fingertip.Additional Problem Areas

  • Door sweeps
  • Door and window casings
  • Baseboards
  • Seals where utility lines enter the home
  • Loose wallpaper

Careful home maintenance can prevent many major pest-related problems. For more information on how pests can physically enter the home, visit the University of Kentucky’s guide to pest-proofing a home.

Signs of a Hidden Pest Invasion

Even the most secretive of pests will leave some indication of their presence. A thorough inspection of the house can reveal the pest problem.

  • Droppings can be a huge red flag when it comes to potential pests. Depending on the organism, droppings can range from tiny pepper-like specks to larger elongated pellets. Any sighting of potential droppings is worth investigating.
  • Some pests will leave evidence of their work. Small wood shavings and wood dust can indicate pest activity. Small holes or gnawed wood surfaces will often accompany the wood shavings.
  • Noises can indicate the presence of a pest. Rodents frequently make scratching noises that can be heard through the walls and under floorboards.
  • Unexplained stains can indicate pest activity.
  • Nesting material is fairly common with some pests, particularly small mammals. Nest material might consist of torn paper, pieces of fabric, hair, and other matter.
  • Some insects will shed their wings at some point in the life cycle and a concentration of wings can indicate an infestation.

The signs listed above are just a sample of some of the possible indicators of an infestation. Seeking expert advice in detecting and eradicating pests is the best course of action. ABC Home & Commercial Services provides pest control to Dallas property owners. Having an exterminator/pest control specialist in Dallas inspect and protect the home can prevent damage and eliminate pest-induced stress.

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