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We have been using ABC pest control services for 2 years since we bought our home. We first hired them to take care of the rodents in the attic, which they did with no issue. Rodents are gone. Fire ant mounds are gone. Greg has been our consistent technician for two years, and we couldn't be happier. He's also so incredibly nice and helpful. We completely trust him with our home. Thank you!

- Paul G. , November 2018
Does ABC provide free inspections here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?

At ABC, our high-quality pest control services begin with a free, no-obligation inspection of your property. This allows us to customize your treatment to your home and your pest problem.

Although we can give some estimates over the phone, in many cases we prefer to schedule an appointment to meet you at your home. In these cases, a trained inspector will:

  • ask you questions to learn more about your needs and concerns
  • confirm pest activity and identify which species are present, if necessary 
  • assess the extent of your problem
  • identify any factors unique to your home which are more attractive to pests
  • document any damage
  • answer any questions you might have about our techniques or services

After the inspection, we will send you a recommended treatment plan. Once you have the opportunity to review our estimate and approve your next steps, we can schedule the first service call.

Which types of pest control services do you perform for Dallas homeowners?

When you call ABC, you can trust that you will receive the best pest control services in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex performed by qualified, friendly technicians.

As the largest independently-owned and operated pest control company in the entire state of Texas, we've resolved even the toughest pest problems, so our technicians are routinely called to homes in Dallas and the surrounding communities to provide the following types of pest control services:

Pest Control Dallas

Cockroach Control

One of the reasons homeowners dread seeing a cockroach scurrying across the kitchen floor or walking across the bathroom ceiling is that seeing one roach is usually just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to spreading disease, aggravating allergies and contaminating food, these creatures can destroy textiles and survive off of nearly any type of organic material. As a highly adapted animal that has lived on Earth since before the dinosaurs, roaches are extremely difficult for homeowners to eradicate on their own. ABC's experienced technicians know just where to look to find nests and where cockroaches are hiding so that you can be protected not only from the roaches currently lurking in the shadows, but also potential future infestations.

Dallas Pest Control

Wasp Removal

Wasps can build nests around our entryways and near patios, decks and eaves. When someone accidentally disturbs these stinging insects, the consequences can be quite painful, and even worse if you are allergic. ABC's specialists can protect your family from these creatures by removing nests and recommending ways to make your home less attractive to these unwelcome visitors.

Pest Control Dallas TX

Ant Control

Perhaps the most common insect on Earth, ants often invade our homes and yards. Ants inside your home can feast on food particles and cause a nuisance as they form a line headed to your shower or across your kitchen counter. Outside, fire ants can leave unsightly mounds and put our families at risk for itchy, burning bites. ABC's skilled technicians know which treatments are effective on which species so that you can see quick and lasting results.

Dallas TX Pest Control

Spider & Scorpion Removal

While most homes have spiders, some contain species that are venomous. Here in Texas, we only have to worry about two venomous species: black widows and brown recluses. If you are like most homeowners, you don't know how to distinguish between the two types and those that are harmless. 

Scorpions are another creature we can disturb if we are getting decorations down from the attic, sorting through our garage or retrieving an item from the back corner of the closet. When threatened, both scorpions and spiders can sting, which can be painful, or have much more serious consequences.

ABC's professionals can come in to address larger infestations, remove any dangerous species and advise you on how to best protect your family if your property is home to a number of these creatures.

Termite Control Dallas

Termite Control

Often called the "silent destroyers", termites reach your foundation through underground tunnels, where they feast on the wood in your home, causing significant damage before they are even detected. Responsible for billions of dollars of damage to U.S. homes each year, these voracious pests feed constantly in colonies that can contain up to a million insects. To locate subterranean termites, you'll need to inspect hard-to-reach areas, which is best done by a professional. ABC's experts can conduct a thorough examination of your property to identify damage and quickly begin treatment. Whether you've had an infestation or not, ABC can protect your home from an infestation through periodic inspections.

Rodent Control Dallas

Wildlife & Rodent Control

Larger pests can often cause Dallas-area homeowners big headaches. Rats, mice, raccoons, opossums, squirrels and even birds can pose health risks, damage your property and disrupt your normal routine when they leave toxic droppings, overturn trash cans, nest in attics and crawl spaces and even chew through electrical wiring—which could lead to a house fire. ABC's pros will remove these uninvited guests who may have made your home theirs and seal your home so that you won't have to worry about future unwelcome encounters.

Bed bug treatment Dallas

Bed Bug Control

The increase in travel in larger metropolitan areas, including Greater DFW, is one of the reasons researchers say bed bugs have once again become a public health concern. Capable of hiding in the tiniest cracks in our bedding, furniture, baseboards and walls, these parasites feed on human hosts while we are resting, and can go for long stretches of time without a blood meal. Bed bugs are among the hardest pests to eradicate, even for pest control companies, so homeowners who think they are dealing with these troublesome creatures should only trust bed bug control to the most experienced professionals. ABC can pinpoint the source of your infestation and provide you with effective, long-term solutions to your bed bug problem.

Tick control Dallas

Tick & Flea Control

North Texas has seen a rise in flea and tick populations, and health professionals and veterinarians report higher rates of illnesses related to these two parasites. Fleas can infest (and re-infest) your home if you have any furry family members who spend time outside, although you don't have to have pets to have a flea problem. Although ticks don't infest homes, just one tick can spread debilitating diseases to your family, including Lyme disease. To make matters worse, treatments which are effective at controlling eggs are often not as useful for mature fleas and ticks. ABC knows which techniques work best for each life stage of these pests and how to keep these pests from coming back.

Mosquito control Dallas

Mosquito Control

While mosquito bites can be aggravating, the Zika and West Nile viruses are two examples of just how dangerous mosquitoes can be. These bloodsucking insects are among the most deadly animals on the planet because they can transmit many serious diseases. During the warmer months of the year, mosquitoes can make spending any time in your yard miserable. ABC can help with effective, targeted solutions and practical tips to make your outdoor spaces less attractive to these pests.

What is your Signature Service?

Wondering how ABC's pest control services are so effective? In the decades we have been helping Dallas homeowners get rid of pests, we have developed a treatment protocol that is informed by our unique understanding of pest behavior and how local conditions impact how we manage an infestation. All Signature Services include:

  • A thorough inspection of the interior of your home to follow up on the findings in the initial inspection and note any changes.
  • An application of targeted control materials, as needed.
  • The treatment of your home's exterior to provide a protective barrier against pest invasions.
  • A dusting of cracks with preventative products.
  • The installation of dust and copper wool into weep holes to seal entry points.
  • An assessment of your attic and crawl spaces, with any subsequent treatment, as needed.

As a QualityPro accredited business, ABC conducts criminal background checks on all employees, checks driving records and operates a drug-free workplace. In addition, all ABC employees undergo regular training and testing to ensure our quality of work adheres to the highest standards in the pest control industry.

What can you tell me about how friendly the products you use are for pets and children?

ABC has conducted an exhaustive review of the products currently available on the market and carefully selected only the products which balance effectiveness with a concern for the health of your family and the environment.

Our low-impact treatment plans are implemented by responsible, certified pest control specialists. As a family-owned and run business, ABC's top concern is the well-being of our customers, their children and their beloved furry family members.

How many times will you need to treat my home?

Every pest problem is different, which is why we prefer to tailor a solution, based on your needs. While some pest problems can be handled in just a handful of visits, other require a longer-term treatment cycle to ensure that no eggs hatch and that you are protected against future infestations.

We will be able to provide you with a plan for both the length and frequency of your treatments after your free inspection. ABC often recommends ongoing pest control services to keep seasonal pests under control, since pest activity is often cyclical in nature.

ABC Pest Control in Surrounding Communities

ABC provides the same, high-quality home services in Dallas as we do in the greater metropolitan area, including in: