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Which lawn services do ABC provide in Arlington?

Although we provide many different types of lawn services here in Arlington, the primary goal is to keep your yard healthy and looking great! Our friendly and reliable team of technicians get called to North Texas homes to perform the following lawn services:

Lawn Service Arlington TX


Most homeowners realize that adding flowers or flower beds, planting hedges and laying down sod can completely transform the way their yard looks, but actually making these projects happen is often something else entirely. ABC's landscaping team can make the whole process less overwhelming by advising you on which plants would do best in certain areas of your outdoor spaces, putting your plan into action and coming in seasonally to replace any dead plants or brighten up your entryway. Whether your project is big or small, ABC can get it done so that you can improve your curb appeal and encourage you to spend time outside.

Sprinkler Repair & Inspections

Our yard and grass need regular watering to survive our hot and dry weather, so when your sprinklers stop working, it doesn't take long for grass to turn yellow and plants to wither. Or, maybe it's not a broken head or a malfunctioning station that is what's going on—perhaps instead you notice water pooling in one area in your yard, or you adjust your landscaping and realize you might need to tweak how long you water each zone in your yard. Whatever the sprinkler problem you have, ABC's irrigation pros can get things back up and running again. We start the process with an inspection so that you get a full picture of what's going on and what needs to be done so that your plants don't suffer.

Lawn Fertilization

Fertilizers and soil amendments can give a boost to plants that can't absorb needed nutrients from our poor soils. ABC's lawn experts have created a customized year-round fertilization program for North Texas to get your landscape exactly what it needs, when those key supplements are the most helpful. Our pros will work with you to implement a fertilization schedule that makes sense for what your lawn needs and your budget.

Weed Control

Nothing takes away from a well-manicured yard quite like unsightly weeds. Our targeted preventative treatments can protect your grass from common species, including Nutgrass, Dallisgrass and broadleaf weeds. 

Insect & Disease Control

Insects and different lawn diseases can damage your plants and grass and undermine all the time and money you have spent on maintaining your outdoor areas. As the largest independently-owned pest control company in the state of Texas, ABC can apply our extensive expertise to address an infestation of chinch bugs, grubs, armyworms or any other common lawn pest. We're also happy to step in if we notice brown patch, spring dead spot, gray leaf spot or any other disease that might be impacting your plants

Core Aeration

Air, water and nutrients are necessary to keep your plants healthy. When soil becomes compacted, your grass and plants are unable to as easily access these important resources. ABC's experts can aerate your lawn to make sure that your root zone can absorb what your landscape needs.

Should I plan to be at home when ABC is scheduled to come for my lawn services?

In most cases, we like to meet you initially at your home to get the information we need to create a customized lawn plan for your consideration. After you decide what exactly you'd like us to do, we are usually able to do all our outdoor work when you are gone. What we do ask is to provide us any needed instructions to be able to access the parts of your yard where we'll be working. We also request that our customers keep children and pets indoors while we do our work, out of concern for their safety.

What impact will the lawn products you use have on my children and pets?

As a family-owned business operating in North Texas for generations, we care deeply about the well-being of our customers and the communities in which we live and serve.

This philosophy extends to the lawn products we use on your property. We wouldn't use any product in your yard that we wouldn't use in our own. We're more than happy to answer any questions you might have about your lawn care plan and address your concerns.

What equipment will ABC use in my yard?

Our ABC lawn crews bring everything they will need to perform your lawn services with them. The equipment we use is commercial-grade, so you can expect the same, high-quality results every time we come to your home.

Why should I choose ABC for my lawn services?

Our loyal customers tell us that they appreciate that ABC provides consistent, quality lawn care. In addition, we hear that Arlington homeowners feel safe having ABC at their home, because we conduct extensive background checks and drug testing on all our employees. We hold our team members to high standards, and expect that they will treat your yard as they would their own.