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What is included in your lawn service?

Especially in the heat of summer, taking care of the lawn quickly becomes a chore. Additionally, mowing can be more complicated than it first appears, with the potential to damage your lawn if you mow too much or not enough. ABC technicians have experience working with lawns in Denton and will mow your lawn so it has the potential to grow and prosper, without the possibility of disease. 

If you sign up for ABC’s lawn service, we will:

  • trim your grass using professional-grade equipment that produces consistent results
  • edge your lawn to make sure it looks nice and neat
  • treat for broadleaf weeds 
  • clear lawn clippings or lawn debris from your driveway or walkways
How often will you mow my grass?

Typically our specialists recommend a weekly or bi-weekly lawn service. Depending on the type of grass you have, the season, and how much sun exposure and water your yard gets, we will provide a recommendation for how frequently we would come out to ensure that your grass stays healthy. We will also work with you to accommodate your schedule and budget.

Do I need to be at home when you cut my grass?

After our initial consultation, you will not need to be home while we perform yard services. We prefer to meet in-person for the first consultation so that we can get a better understanding of your lawn care needs and hear more about what schedule works best for you. We know that Denton homeowners would rather be shopping in the downtown Square or hiking at Clear Creek, while the experts take care of your yard. After our initial consultation, we simply ask that you provide us with any information needed to access your yard. Then, you can home to a fully-manicured lawn!

Are the products you use on my lawn pet and kid-friendly?

Being a family-run business, we are always looking out for the littlest members of your family! We understand that your children and pets' safety is your number one concern. In doing so, we only use products that we would feel comfortable using in our own yards, and all of our products are chosen with kids, pets, and the environment in mind. Our lawn specialists would be happy to answer any further questions you have about our services, protocols and products.

What types of equipment will you be using on my lawn?

No need to pull out the old lawnmower that’s been gathering dust in the garage. Our specialists arrive with commercial-grade equipment that provides a professional finish to your lawn.

Why should I choose ABC for my lawn services?

Before they set foot on your lawn, our specialists go through in-house training. This training ensures that when they show up, they will do the job right, the first time. As a family-run business in Denton, we believe in treating our customers' homes with the same care that we would our own homes.

Our customers tell us that they appreciate the fact that we hire the best of the best. That means that all of our employees pass a drug test and background check before they start, so our customers can feel comfortable having ABC on their property.