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What does your lawn service entail?

At ABC, we understand that tending to the lawn isn’t how Frisco homeowners would prefer to spend their free time. Our customers love coming home to a freshly manicured lawn, without any effort.

ABC’s lawn service package includes:

  • Cutting your grass using our commercial-grade equipment that keeps your lawn healthy
  • Edging your lawn so your yard looks manicured
  • Clearing debris and clippings from your driveway or pathways
  • Treating for broadleaf weeds
How often will you mow my grass?

There are a few considerations that our specialists look into before setting up a schedule that fits your time and budget. While most Frisco homeowners choose to have their lawn mowed bi-weekly, this could change based on the time of year, the type of grass, how much you water, and how much sun exposure your lawn receives.

Should I plan to be at home when ABC is scheduled to come for my lawn service?

After the initial consultation with your ABC specialist to narrow down what you are looking for, we simply ask that when the technician is scheduled to come, there are instructions for how to gain access to your yard, if applicable. Our customers tell us that they love being able to do some shopping at the Frisco Square or take the kids to the National Videogame Museum while ABC takes care of their lawn care needs.

What impact will the lawn products you use have on my children and pets?

We know how important our homeowner's pets and kids are, and keep their health and safety in mind when thinking about services. All of the products we use are made to be low-impact for the environment, people, and pets. 

Our technicians are trained to apply any products necessary in the lowest possible amount in order to take the extra step to be effective while targeting only necessary areas. If you have any more questions about the products we use, your technician can answer your questions as they arise.

What equipment will ABC use in my yard?

All of our technicians come to your Frisco house with their own commercial-grade equipment, so you don’t have to worry about pulling anything out of the garage before heading off to a fun outing like the Texas Sculpture Garden. Since our equipment is more powerful than the residential grade equipment that most people have in their garage, we can provide the highest quality results each time they take care of your lawn.

Why should I choose ABC for my lawn service?

Homeowners in Frisco know that ABC strives to always provide excellent customer service. We start off by making sure all of our employees pass a drug test and background check before their first day, giving homeowners peace of mind. 

We hear from customers that they love supporting our family-run business. ABC takes great care in treating our customers' lawns as we would our own.