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I need help getting started. Can you give me a free estimate?

Yes, we can give you a free estimate over the phone. However, we often prefer to see your yard first-hand and speak with you regarding the scope of the project to give you the most accurate estimate. Our process is as follows:

  • We will set up a time that works best for you for one of our landscape designers to meet you at your home.

  • We'll inspect your yard, looking specifically at the state of your lawn, your existing irrigation system and plants.

  • We will look at sun requirements, how you utilize your yard and the nutrient needs of your soil.

  • We'll ask you further questions about your yard requirements. For example, we may ask if you have a lot of deer in the area who like to eat your plants, so we know what special considerations to take into account when making our recommendations. 

After this process, one of our landscapers will offer you some complimentary suggestions that are in line with your needs, as well as your budget. If you are happy with our recommendations, we can then create a schedule to get the work done. 

What types of landscaping projects can ABC help with?

ABC has been helping families in Plano with their landscaping needs for decades.

Landscaping in Plano, TX

Our skilled landscaping professionals can help with all sorts of projects you may have in mind, including:

  • Adding or updating flower beds, depending on the season, or your personal preferences. 

  • Cleaning up your lawn, whether it was unexpected severe weather that caused a larger than usual amount of leaves and limbs to end up in your yard, or merely leaves shedding their leaves at the regular times.

  • Adding mulch to flower beds, as well as around trees and bushes.

  • Replacing or adding any other plants or bushes to your landscape.

  • Installing sod to prevent erosion.

  • Inspecting your sprinkler system, with the help of our irrigation specialists, to make sure your plants are getting the water they need and making any required repairs.

  • Applying seasonal fertilizers to provide your landscape with the necessary nutrients to encourage the long-term health of a beautiful yard.

Can you still work with me if I need to spread my budget out over time?

We understand that a beautiful yard can cost a pretty penny. We can create a plan to work on your landscape on your timeline and your budget. Whether that means getting it all done at once or spreading it out over a couple of extra months, ABC can work with you to get the job done right. 

Do I need to be at home so that my landscaping work can be done?

We recognize that you have things going on outside of your landscaping project. Life doesn't stop just because you're updating your yard. Once you approve our landscaping plan, we can get to work on giving your outdoor spaces an upgrade, even when you aren't home. The only thing that we ask is that you provide our team members with gate codes or any other instructions we may need to access the areas of your yard where we need to work. Also, for their safety, we ask that you please keep children and pets inside while we are on your property. 

Is there a better time of year to have landscaping done?

Many people assume that spring and summer are the best times to get your landscaping done. However, there are many ways that we can help you make your outdoor spaces look better throughout the year. We can do anything from switching out your winter plants for more drought-resistant plants in the summer or mulching your lawn in the fall to prepare for winter. 

Why should I hire ABC?

At ABC, we only accept the best of the best into our family. All of our employees go through an extensive interview process and must pass a drug test and a criminal background check. We live by the philosophy that we treat your home like it is our own, and we wouldn't hire anyone that we wouldn't allow to work on our own yard. We are also a well-established, family run business that has been in the Plano area for decades. 

Our team is committed to exceeding our customers' expectations. As a company, we value humor, unfaltering integrity, growth and selflessness. At ABC, it is not just about what we do—it is also about who we are.

What other services does ABC provide in and around Plano?

ABC is happy to provide your property with a wide variety of services. We are thankful for our loyal customers who have allowed us to expand this list. We are happy to offer a helping hand with: