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Gas Installation Service & Repair

Working with gas lines and appliances can be tricky and dangerous without the proper tools and equipment, which is why our trained technicians are able to handle all of your needs from gas leak detection to installation and repairs. It’s important to have a qualified plumbing professional take care of gas line concerns so that the issue gets resolved quickly and without risking your family’s health. When it comes to gas installation & repair in the Dallas area, homeowners trust ABC Home & Commercial to provide quality service. If you smell gas inside your home, call 911 right away.

Gas Installation Service

Home appliances are an essential part of keeping your home running. If your appliances run on natural gas, it’s important that they are installed properly so that they’ll operate safely. Our gas line technicians have extensive experience in installing a wide range of household appliances.

Our gas installation services include:

Gas Line Repair Service

At ABC Home & Commercial Services, our experts are trained in both sizing and design of gas systems. We can modify or design a new system from meter to fixture.

Our certified technicians are able to:

When you book ABC gas line repair services, our plumbing professionals will come to your home to determine the type of repair needed and provide options that best suit the situation.

Most importantly, our gas line experts pride themselves on educating homeowners about their gas system. From the basics of how to turn off the unit, to any care and maintenance requirements, our technicians will walk customers through the process from start to finish.

The ABC Process

1. Contact ABC

When you contact us, we will schedule a service call to evaluate the problem. For emergencies, we will send a pro to your home as soon as possible.

2. Get An Estimate

We'll provide you with an estimate for all needed services. Once we get your approval, our pros will get right to work.

3. Perform Services

We will work quickly to perform the desired services. At the end of your service call, we'll update you on what we did and any other needed follow-up.

4. Comfort Guarantee

If you are unhappy with our work, let us know and we will send someone back to your home to make things right at no additional cost.

ABC offers a Plumbing Advantage Maintenance Plan (AMP) which includes 1 inspection per year, discounts on repairs and more! With this plan, you’ll be able to ensure your plumbing systems remains in working condition all year long.

an ABC specialist speaking with a new customer

Get Started

Homeowners have been relying on ABC Home & Commercial Services for decades. In addition to our plumbers all being licensed, ABC team members go through an extensive hiring process and are drug tested and are background checked prior to joining the team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I smell gas inside my house?

If you smell gas inside your home, leave the area immediately. Make sure your family is safely away from the home and report the leak to your gas company or call 911. Shut off the main gas valve if possible and avoid the use of anything that could cause a spark. Do not re-enter your home until a qualified technician has deemed it safe to do so. Have your gas system checked for leaks before using it again.  

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We offer a full range of plumbing services.

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“i already use ABC for my pest and lawn maintenance and have been happy with both of my services! today i had my first HVAC AMP appointment and Oscar Ponce was taking care of me. He was on time, very friendly and knowledgeable and did a great job inspecting and making sure my unit and condenser are in good working order! thank you ABC for helping keep my home in great shape”

John Watson


“Week before last I decided I wanted to know what it would cost to clean up all my foundation beds, mulch them, trim the bushes and trees and generally "clean" them. For grins, I asked ABC for an estimate of all that AND my dream... flagstones to get me to my alley gate. The estimate was fair and the work exceeds expectations.”

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