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How soon can you arrive at my home?

We understand that if you’re having a problem with your air conditioner or heater, you want a professional to come to your home quickly. Fortunately, our licensed specialists are available 24/7, so feel free to reach out to us at any time of day or night and we get your AC back to working as soon as we can.

What types of AC & heating services does ABC offer?

ABC has acquired Daniels Air, a family-owned brand that has been serving the DFW metroplex since 1969. Daniels is a licensed, full-service air conditioning and heating provider. When you reach out to ABC, an experienced specialist will arrive at your home in a Daniels vehicle to provide you with the same friendly, high-quality service that you have come to expect when you contact ABC. 

A technician providing AC repair in Fort Worth

Homeowners in Fort Worth can rely on our specialists for a variety of services, including AC repair, system replacement and installation, ongoing maintenance and heater repair. 

AC Repair 

Is your home not cooling down as it should? If so, our specialists have the training to resolve whatever problem you may be having, no matter what make or model of unit you have in your home. Some of our most common requests include resolving issues such as:

  • Not getting enough cold air 
  • Reduced airflow
  • A unit that is leaking or moist underneath
  • Strange noises coming from a unit 
  • A foul smell 
  • Abnormally high electric bills 

Our professionals will be able to promptly troubleshoot what's wrong with your system and give you recommendations for next steps, whether that is repairing or replacing your unit. 

System Replacement & Installation 

If you have decided that you would like a new system, we would be happy to replace your air conditioner. If you haven't yet made a decision, we can perform an inspection and advise you on which system would be best for your home and needs. When we create this estimate, we will take into account the size of your home and the configuration of your existing duct system. 

Ongoing Maintenance 

You can extend the life of your system by performing ongoing maintenance. Also, by signing up for our maintenance program, your specialist will be able to catch any needed repairs before they become a bigger, more expensive investment. With our Advanced Maintenance Plan (AMP), we perform diagnostic tests to ensure everything is working properly, check for refrigerant leaks, inspect your air conditioner’s components for wear and tear and measure your unit’s airflow. At the end of our maintenance call, we will provide you with a report on the health of your system, as well as tips on how you can extend the life of your unit. 

Heater Repair 

In Fort Worth, our furnaces and heat pumps don’t work nearly as hard as our air conditioners do. However, we still rely on these appliances during the colder months of the year to keep our living spaces comfortable. Before temperatures drop, reach out to us for a maintenance service call. During this visit, our licensed pros can check and make sure everything is running smoothly before you turn your heater on for the first time. If you do come across a problem, our specialists will be able to quickly implement a solution so your home will be warm and cozy again.

What can I expect when you come to give me an estimate for a new air conditioning system?

When one of our specialists arrives at your home, he or she will gather the needed information from you to perform load calculations, ask you questions about what you would like out of a new system, learn about your budget and calculate how much you are currently spending to keep your home comfortable. We will take all of these factors into account when creating an estimate for a new system that is in line with your preferences.

We will include any opportunities to save money in our estimate, including taking into account local and federal rebates or incentives. We can also provide you with tips on how to make your home more energy-efficient to save money on your energy bill, which may involve adding weatherization or insulation.

How do I know if I need a new system?

Typically, air conditioning and heating systems have anywhere between a 10 to 15-year life span, depending on the quality and frequency of maintenance provided. If you’re approaching the end of that timeframe, you may want to start looking into a new system. However, if you’ve been properly maintaining your system, your AC and heater will likely last longer. 

That said, some homeowners decide to replace an air conditioner or heater earlier to a newer model that is more energy-efficient. You may be surprised to learn that homeowners can see as much as a 50% savings on energy bills after upgrading their system.

Why should I choose ABC to service or install my air conditioner?

ABC is a family-run business that has provided high-quality services to homes and businesses in the greater DFW metro area for decades. We got our start as a pest control company. Through the ongoing support of the community and thanks to our hardworking specialists, ABC has grown. We now offer many different services, including plumbing and lawn care. Now, we are happy to provide our customers with air conditioning and heating system repairs, installations and maintenance.

By acquiring Daniels Air, a local air conditioning and heating company founded in 1969, ABC is able to offer these services. Since both companies share the same values, you can feel confident that you will receive the same friendly, reliable service that you have come to expect with ABC. In addition, we promise to treat your home as if it was our own. Our licensed specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are available whenever something goes wrong. In addition to being licensed, all team members go through extensive in-house training so they can consistently exceed our customers' expectations. 

Our loyal customers tell us that they choose ABC because they trust us to get the job done right the first time. If you experience any issues with your air conditioner or heater repair or installation within a year of service, contact us and we will send a specialist to your home to make things right, at no additional cost to you.