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I wanted to thank Scott for being so efficient and professional

- Paul H., December 2016
What kinds of electrical services do you offer?

Our licensed electricians can assist homeowners with a wide range of electrical projects, from projects as simple as installing a ceiling fan to doing all of the electrical work for remodeling projects. We can replace breaker panels, install new outlets and light switches, provide kitchen and outdoor wiring, and assist with code repairs. We also are available for general troubleshooting and repair work.

What electrical problems can you repair?

Our licensed and highly trained professional electricians can fix any electrical issue you may encounter at your property. If it’s wired and takes a current, we have somebody on staff with the knowhow to get it back in working order.

From lights to appliances, Internal wiring to electrical control panels, short circuits and blown fuses, we do it all.

Can you install kitchen lighting, ceiling fans, outlets, and switches?

Specialists with ABC San Antonio can install any electrical equipment you might need, including new kitchen lighting such as oven hood fans and track lighting. We can also install new GFCI Receptacles or outlets for large appliances, including installation of properly grounded wiring and outlets for both 110-112 volt and 220-240 volt appliances.

Why should I use one of your electricians instead one from another company?

ABC believes that we regularly provide Electrical service (and service in all our trades) professionally, and at a very high value. We are proud to provide our employees with a well-paying job.

All of our skilled trades’ persons are licensed as appropriate for their trade and are full-time employees of ABC. They will have undergone a comprehensive background screening for criminal history and drug use. They all wear well-marked uniforms and drive well-marked vehicles, which all carry liability insurance. All employees are paid very competitive wages, have medical & dental insurance and are offered a 401K retirement plan with matching funds from the company.

The cumulative result of the licenses, background checks, fair wages & benefits, company uniforms and well-marked company vehicles, is homeowners can be assured that a well-qualified, well screened and well identified ABC employee is addressing their home service issue. Additionally, that employee is able to provide for his or her family and be an integral part of our local community.

Why are my lights or outlets not working?

There can be a number of reasons your lights or outlets aren’t functioning. However, even as minor as a non-working outlet may appear, it's very important to have it checked by a licensed electrician. A non-working outlet can be indicative of a short in the wiring.  A short can lead to some serious issues, including fire.  

What about San Antonio Electrical codes?

All of our electricians are completely licensed as appropriate and are fully up-to-speed regarding any and all electrical codes.


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