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Five Ways to Dispose of Bed-Bug-Infested Bedding

bed bugs dallasDon’t let your bedding infest other homes

Bed bugs remain an exceptionally difficult pest to exterminate. They hide in tiny crevices and inflict itchy bites after dark. Texas law identifies this insect as a public health nuisance. To avoid spreading these bugs to fellow Texans, it’s vital to discard infested belongings in a safe and lawful manner.

Disposal Options

  1. Consider calling a local junk removal service. Some firms will dispose of almost anything for a fee. They quickly haul away mattresses, couches, upholstered chairs and other unwanted items.
  2. Many cities provide free curbside junk collection. Dallas residents may use this monthly service to discard old beds and carpets. To protect sanitation workers and neighbors, seal all infested objects in plastic.
  3. If your city, landlord or dumpster rental company allows it, you can put relatively small things in a nearby dumpster. Be sure to deface these items and attach warning labels.
  4. Another option is to bring ruined belongings to a local dump or transfer station. You might have to pay a small disposal fee. Use a pickup truck and visit a car wash before you return home.
  5. You can contact a nearby mattress recycler and ask if it accepts infested beds. These companies often charge smaller fees than junk removal firms. They also prevent materials from going to waste.

Outdoor Fires

You might find it more satisfying to burn the infested bedding. However, you should only do this with local government approval. Some counties and municipalities forbid residents from setting mattresses, furniture or carpets ablaze. If you decide to burn the furnishings, keep a garden hose and baking soda within reach.


It’s important to realize that some people reuse items from transfer stations, dumpsters or city curbs. Before you discard bedding, use a sharp implement to destroy the fabric. Write “bed bugs” and “infested” on it with a marker or spray paint. These steps help protect everyone from this tenacious pest.

The city of Austin urges residents to seal infested items with plastic shrink wrap, pallet wrap or bags. If you place bedding in a garbage bag, tie knots in the plastic to ensure that bugs can’t escape. Don’t put pizza boxes or spoiled food in the same bag, since wild animals may tear it open.

An Alternative

You might not need to discard your belongings. Texas A&M University recommends using a pest control firm instead. For all of your local bed bug treatment and pest control services, call ABC Home & Commercial Services. Our skilled bed bug specialists use effective heat treatments for guaranteed results. To request a free quote from our Dallas office, dial 469-549-7300 or click here.

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