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New Braunfels gets more than its share of hot, humid days. Our climate often makes our air conditioners among the most valuable appliances in our home. However, frequently using our air conditioners can lead to them becoming overtaxed and breaking down. When it comes to AC repair, New Braunfels homeowners know ABC Home & Commercial Services can provide quick relief. Our pros can once again make your home a cool retreat from a hot Texas day.

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Comprehensive Air Conditioning & Heating Services

ABC provides 24/7 services for air conditioning and heating system emergencies

24/7 Emergency Service Available

Few things are worse than when your AC stops working. We understand how miserable that can be, which is why we offer emergency air conditioning service so we can start on your repairs as quickly as possible.

For those issues that aren't as urgent, we do our best to schedule your service call within a day of your reaching out to us.

So give us a call at (210) 599-9500 and we can get started.

The ABC Process

1. Contact ABC

When you contact us, we will schedule a service call to evaluate the problem. For emergencies, we will send a pro to your home as soon as possible.

2. Get An Estimate

We'll provide you with an estimate for all needed services. Once we get your approval, our pros will get right to work.

3. Perform Services

We will work quickly to perform the desired services. At the end of your service call, we'll update you on what we did and any other needed follow-up.

4. Ongoing Maintenance

Customers who sign up for our Advantage Maintenance Plan receive two tune-ups a year and peace of mind that their system is working as it should.

Just like your car benefits from regular oil changes, your air conditioner will work better and last longer if you have routine maintenance done. These check-ups also help you avoid any unwelcome (and often expensive) repairs.

ABC can get our knowledgeable professionals up to carefully check every part of your system at regular internals. By running performance tests, we can make sure all your components are operating optimally.

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Get Started

We offer a full range of AC & heating services.

We couldn’t stay in the business if we didn’t provide superior service. ABC provides top-notch AC services, thanks to our hardworking employees who undergo background checks and drug testing, so you can feel comfortable having ABC in your home. Last, but certainly not least, we treat your home as we would our own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which kinds of AC repairs do your technicians perform here in New Braunfels?

With decades in the business, ABC technicians have experience with any kind of air conditioning issues homeowners in Central Texas might face.

Our team of skilled technicians is frequently called to New Braunfels homes to handle:

AC Repair

We can make repairs on all types of AC and heater units, no matter the make, model or brand.

Our specialists work quickly to diagnose any problem you are experiencing. We can also give you honest advice on whether a replacement is a better option than making expensive repairs to an inefficient or older unit.

More specifically, some of the problems we see with air conditioners include:

Refrigerant Leaks

If your air conditioner is no longer keeping your home cool, this could be a sign that your refrigerant is no longer at the manufacturer-recommended level. An underperforming system may also indicate a frozen evaporator coil.

Since inhaling refrigerant leak is dangerous and can lead to potential respiratory issues, the best way to get things working again and to protect your family from any potential health dangers is to call on the knowledgeable technicians at ABC. Our team can work with you to locate the source of the leak, if there is one, fix it and get the refrigerant in the unit back to the correct level.

Electrical Issues

An obvious reason your system may not be working is that your power source has been disrupted or there is some kind of malfunction with an electrical component. Whether you are dealing with a breaker issue or wires that are corroded, frayed or otherwise faulty, this type of problem is best left to the professionals. ABC’s experts can troubleshoot and address these types of problems, so you don’t have to deal with the potential risks associated with working with electricity..

Malfunctioning Thermostat Sensors

If the sensors on your thermostat get out of position, the temperatures it displays will be incorrect, causing your whole system to heat or cool your house incorrectly. ABC’s experts can realign any of the parts in your thermostat, as needed, so that your home will stay at your desired temperature.

Drainage Problems

Moisture build-up often leads to rusty parts, which can lead to your unit not working as it should and your condensate drain clogging. Typically these issues stem from improper unit installation, which is something that ABC’s experts can easily resolve.

Filter Delivery

We know we need to change out our AC filters on a regular basis, but how many of us actually do? You can make the entire process easier by using FilterFetch, which delivers the correct filter to your doorstep on a regular schedule at a reasonable price.

Energy Improvements

You can lower your utility bills by adding insulation to your attic, ensuring your ductwork is installed and sized correctly, applying a solar film to your windows and improving your indoor air quality. ABC’s team of specialized technicians are more than happy to identify rebates and other incentives you might qualify for to lower your initial costs.

What happens when you come to give me an estimate for a new AC & heating system?

When a customer requests an estimate, ABC arranges a convenient time for one of our Comfort Advisors to take a look at your current system. These specialists will also learn more about which features and options you prefer. We’ll also ask about your budget and how much you are currently spending to cool and heat your home.

We then explore any opportunities to save you money through local and federal rebates or incentives. We can also suggest other ways to become more energy efficiency and to lower your utility bills, whether that means adding weatherization, insulation or taking other measures.

Can ABC technicians in New Braunfels also fix heaters?

Sure! While ABC has built a reputation for the high-quality repairs and installation we do for air conditioning customers, our technicians are equally well-versed in how to provide routine maintenance and tune-ups for heaters.

How do I know when it’s time to get a new air conditioner?

Of course, this answer can vary, for a number of reasons, the rule of thumb is that it’s time for an upgrade once the cost of maintaining your system has gotten close to the value of investing in a new one. Basically, if you find yourself making repairs several times a year for at least a year or two in a row, you probably will begin shopping around for the best system for your home.

Another factor to consider when weighing the pros and cons of getting a new system is energy efficiency. Updated models can end up saving you close to 40% on the cost of cooling your house. These savings definitely add up over time.

ABC’s heating and cooling professionals are happy to sit down with you to talk through all your options, as well as to discuss what rebates or financing might be available. Ultimately, we understand that this is a big investment. To make your decision a little bit easier, ABC does offer a one-year guarantee to anyone who uses our installation service to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the services we provided.

What does this mean, exactly? If anything goes wrong within the first year of having your AC installed, we’ll cover the cost of repairs. If you decide you’re not happy with the system, we’ll issue you a refund.

Get Started

We offer a full range of AC & heating services.

Additional AC & Heating Service Areas in San Antonio

ABC serves many surrounding communities, including, but not limited to:

Alamo Heights Boerne Bulverde Canyon Lake Cibolo Converse Helotes New Braunfels Schertz Seguin

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Chastity Morales


“We had the best experience from beginning to end with ABC. From making the appointment to the inspection to the actual service. Mario was very pleasant and professional. He let us know he was on the way and was prompt to arrive. He was thorough and explained everything he was doing and also provided pictures of issues encountered. His expertise was reassuring and I would most definitely use their services again. I would highly recommend them to everyone.”



“Brandon has been cleaning our windows and gutters now for several years. He is very detailed oriented and we know exactly what the work will entail before it is started. I always look forward to seeing him when he comes. He is very personable, kind and interested in his clients and their families. He is not just providing a service, but building relationships, both with his clients and team members. You can tell he genuinely enjoys what he does and you know that your requested work will be completed with utmost care. I thoroughly trust his judgement and recommendations. Sometimes the work we thought was needed wasn’t necessary, while other times he noted things that did need attention. Either way he always provided great advice.”

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